What your money says about your heart

I had an uncle, Charlie, whom I never met.  The fact is that I hardly knew any of my aunts, cousins, uncles, etc.  I had one grandparent whom I saw only rarely.  My parents’ families were riddled with alcohol abuse, neglect, violence, poverty and ignorance.  I am so very grateful to my mom and dad because they broke a deadly cycle and were people of great faith and love!  Back to my uncle Charlie.  He was murdered in Buffalo, New York shortly after WW II when I was a child.  Charlie was drunk and was lured under a bridge by the promise of more alcohol where he was beaten to death for the change in his pocket.  To imagine that a life was taken for less than a dollar!  To some people, money is so important that they will lie, cheat, steal and yes…even kill for it.  Also tragic is the fact that people will throw their own lives away a day at a time just to acquire more stuff.

Monday…If you want to start a fist fight (not ever a good idea), just criticize a purchase someone has made or otherwise make a negative comment as to how they spend their money.  Money is a volatile subject and is always approached with caution.  Jesus said a lot about money and He knew that His comments would evoke discussion.  Think of this statement/question:  “What will a man give in exchange for his soul?”  (Matthew 16:26)

Tuesday…Jesus always made His comments, prayers, stories and sermons with eternity in mind.  He had a view of life that is very different from mine and yours.  In our lives, we tend to think more of the here and now and this colors our idea of the importance of things.  Jesus knew that things were very, very unimportant in the great scheme of life.  See Matthew 6:33.

Wednesday…Kidnapping is an unspeakable crime and sometimes draws the death penalty.  If a loved one is seized and a ransom is demanded, we have seen people literally willing to give all they have for their loved one’s safe return.  Money in such a situation means very little when compared to the life of one who is loved.  Wouldn’t it be a good idea when no such drama is involved to see the worth of our loved ones?

Thursday…I had a good friend who bought a condo in Florida during the heyday of that state’s housing boom.  When the market collapsed, he lost more than $300,000 almost overnight.  He was a man of faith and took the loss in stride.  He told me that his faith sustained him during a very difficult time when he had to assess what was really important.  I Peter 1:7

Friday…Here is a good statement:  “Things are to be used and people are to be loved.”  When we switch categories, we lose sight of reality.  Those who believe that “Things are to be loved and people are to be used” suffer a miserable, selfish existence.