Transforming Lives

A popular movie franchise, built on a toy, is “Transformers.”  These toys can change shape from, say, a truck to a robot and are very clever and fun for the kids who play with them.  Changing from one state or shape to another is the classic definition of ‘transformation.’  The transformers in the movie assume the shapes of cars, trucks, robots, etc.  The Bible speaks of the fact that people can be transformed.  People can change their ‘shape’, too…and that is a very good thing!

 Monday…Consider what you were before you were saved.  If you were saved after you were 20-25 years of age, you probably have noted that you are very, very different now than you were before Christ came into your life.  Scripture encourages us in the book of Philippians to have “the mind of Christ”  (Philippians 2:5).  What a difference that goal will make in a life!  What a transforming principle!

 Tuesday…Every now and then someone will launch a campaign to “call America back to Christ.”  Fair enough.  I wish it were possible.  The truth is that nations  seldom repent.  People repent.  One at a time.  As we seek to be a transforming church which sees people conformed to the image of Christ, let us remember     that we seek people one at a time and that involves personal responsibility.  Cain, who killed his own brother, Abel, asked God in a cynical fashion, “Am I my      brother’s keeper?”  The honest answer is, “Yes!”  And so am I.  And so are you.

Wednesday…We need to be transformed before we can hope to see someone else transformed.  “I can’t hear what you are saying because your actions are speaking so loudly” is a good principle to remember as we seek to be an agent of change in someone’s life.   Matthew 5:16; I Timothy 4:12; Ephesians 5 are good texts to be reminded of the importance of example.

 Thursday…Power is needed to evoke change in another’s life!  Our church is in the business of transforming people one at a time so they can enter Heaven as a blood-bought child of God.  We cannot do this in our own power.  God has given us His Spirit to help us and empower us.  See Acts 2:38.

 Friday…God is holy and cannot tolerate sin in His presence.  The Bible tells us in many places that we are sinners (Romans 3:10, 3:23).  How then can we get to Heaven?  By being transformed/changed into a new creature.  This comes about by the salvation offered by Christ based upon the price paid to the Father at the event of the cross.  Rejoice in your transformation and help others to be transformed!