Thy Kingdom Come

Your Bible contains some words/concepts that are downright scary.  Here is one such  concept taken from Hebrews 9:27: “It is appointed unto man once to die and after this     the judgment.”  Here is another taken from the Gospel of Luke: “I am tormented in this fire.”  We may not normally think of saying, “Thy Kingdom come” to our Heavenly Father as part of our prayer life as being frightening, but it most certainly is.  We understand that “the Kingdom” has two meanings.  There is a Kingdom concept that has to do with the church.  We who are part of the church are part of the Kingdom of God.

The other understanding of “the Kingdom” is the eternal Kingdom, that Kingdom which will be established when Christ returns.  To ask for this eternal Kingdom to come is to ask for the end of the physical world.  I have no idea how many people have recited the model prayer given to us by Jesus through the last nearly 2000 years, but it would be safe to say that at least tens of millions of people have repeated the words of this magnificent prayer. 

I wonder how many have meditated upon its meaning?


Monday…take time to research the words, “Kingdom of God.”  Pay particular attention  to the who, what, when, where and how of this Kingdom as Jesus taught on this subject. You are in for a treat as you do this!


Tuesday…take a few minutes as you drive to or from work, before you go to bed or at any other time during the day to thank God…really thank Him!…for the fact that Jesus, by His grace, has made you a subject in His eternal Kingdom.


Wednesday…read II Peter 3 (takes the average reader less than 3 minutes) and reflect on the fact that the universe which exists now will be no more.  When the Kingdom comes, everything…everything…every single thing will be either destroyed, replaced or purified by fire.


Thursday…for those who love God the phrase, “Thy Kingdom come,” is said sometimes with a sigh (as we see the mess our world is in) and sometimes with expectation and delight.  For those who have no time for God, this phrase will not produce any emotion, but it should.  Good Christians can disagree on the exact location of the Kingdom (I personally believe that it will be a refurbished earth), but Christians all agree that this Kingdom will be ruled by Messiah Jesus and it will be a Kingdom of righteousness and peace.  Read:  Revelation 21 and 22.


Friday…ask the Lord to remind you daily that the reason we are not to be wrapped up     in this present, physical world is because this world (to say nothing of our physical        bodies) is temporary.  Understanding the Kingdom can help us deal with the stresses of ordinary life. Understanding the Kingdom yields a perspective that is accurate, helpful and soothing.  We Christians are accused of a “pie in the sky” mentality.  So be it.  We are wise when we look to the skies!  Jesus will return and set up His Kingdom.  He will be the King and we will be His subjects. We say with all the saints: “Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.”