Small Group: Dan Briere

  • Leaders: Dan Briere
  • Group Make Up: Mixed Ages – Married with Kids at home through Empty Nesters.
  • Day and Time: Every Other Saturday from 6-8 PM, Starting January 11
  • Location: Church.

Dan and Julie Briere have been members of Fair Haven Christian Church for 15 years. Dan is a research scientist in the area of diabetes with a strong Christian foundation in scientific apologetics. They love to serve, teach, listen, and facilitate learning more about the Word of Jesus. They have four children ranging from intermediate to high school. 

STUDY: Staying in Love – Andy Stanley

We all know what’s required to fall in love… a pulse. Falling in love is easy. But staying there—that’s something else entirely.

With more than a thousand matchmaking services available today and new ones springing up all the time, finding a romantic match can be easier than ever. But staying together with the one you’ve found seems to be the real challenge. So, is it possible for two people to fall in love and actually stay there? Absolutely!