Small Group: Sean and Sarah Zachery

  • Leaders/Hosts: Sean and Sarah Zachery.
  • Group Make Up: Parent of Middle School through Empty Nesters.
  • Day and Time: Every Sunday from 5-7 PM, Starting January 12.
  • Location: Meet at Home of Sean and Sarah Zachery 296 Wilkes Ct. Trafalgar, IN 46181.

Sean and Sarah have been members of Fair Haven since 1998.  They have actually been in the small group ministry at FHCC even before they became members. They work in the local public schools and have 3 adult sons. 

Video Study: Let Story Guide You – Donald Miller

If your life was made into a movie, would you want to go see it?

Morning after morning, we get up to the same routine, the same job, the same chores, only to go to bed and repeat it all the next day … the next week … the next month. What would it be like to live the epic adventures we see in movies?

In this Bible study, Let Story Guide You, Donald Miller shares the important principles good storytellers use to make a story meaningful. He shows the power of storytelling being used in the Bible to teach significance and purpose. In his trademark humorous and personal style, Donald challenges viewers to become the heroes of their own story and make their lives count.