Small Group: Sarah Riggen, Michelle Russell

  • Leaders: Sarah Riggen, Michelle Russell.
  • Group Make Up: Empty Nesters and Retired.
  • Day and Time: Every Wednesday from 6:15-7:30p, Starting January 8.
  • Location: Church (Conference Room).

Sarah Riggen has been a member of Fair Haven for approximately 15 years, but for 3 of those years she was away in China. She has 2 wonderful sons, ages 21 and 22, an inherited son 26, and inherited daughter 16. She recently re-married on Feb. 11, 2018 to Brad Riggen.  They live at Sweetwater/Cordry and love to boat, ski, tube, float, and hang with family and friends.  Sarah loves to do anything that involves being outdoors. She is a member of the missions committee and teaches K-1st grade Sunday school. She also loves to bake and cook, especially homemade bread!  She has been a licensed real estate broker for 15 years. Their small group is a mix of those who have done Bible studies for many years and some who have only just begun doing Bible studies.  

Michelle, her husband Randy, and their boys began attending Fair Haven in 2004. They live in Trafalgar and their sons both graduated from Indian Creek.  She has been teaching the preschool Sunday School class since 2005.  She has led various women’s small group studies, served with Women’s Ministry and currently serves on the Hospitality team.  She is bookkeeper/controller for a local farmer in the community and was recently hired by the church as the Accounting Clerk part-time.  She really likes the fact that our community, schools and our church are all intertwined and that our young people have adults they see in the classrooms in their church as well.

Video Study: Nobody’s Perfect – A Study of Genesis – Bob Russell
Verse by verse teaching through the book of Genesis. The study is helpful in understanding the meaning of the text and applying the timeless truths of God’s Word to your personal life