Small Group: Daven and Jill Lawalin, Zach and Ashley Carson

  • Leaders: Daven/Jill Lawalin, Zach/Ashley Carson.
  • Group Make Up:  Married with Young Kids.
  • Day and Time: Every Friday from 6-8 PM, Starting January 10.
  • Location: Church.
  • Child Care Provided at the Church (costs shared by group)

Daven and Jill Lawalin are residents of Trafalgar with three kids Jake (7), Kaylor (5), and Andrew (3). They have been attending Fair Haven since 2013 and it has been a true blessing to their family. Daven has been a member of the worship band and both of them serve in children’s ministry in various roles. They have co-led this small group for two years and enjoy the friendship, comradery, fellowship, accountability, and life sharing that it has provided for them and their family. The group tries to challenge, love, cry, and do life together through meetings and doing events outside of church to better serve the Lord and grow as church family. They love Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

Zach and Ashley Carson started attending Fair Haven the fall of 2013 and joined the church shortly after. They currently live in Trafalgar. They have been married for 9 years and have two children; Abigail (8yrs) and William (5yrs).

Video Study: The Book of First Corinthians – Jennie Allen

Christianity calls us to sacrifice instead of living for oneself. We have to choose one or the other—we can’t do both. The Christians in Corinth tried to live the Christian life in a worldly way. Paul wrote the letter of 1 Corinthians to a divided and self-centered people to remind them to follow Jesus and only Jesus. 

In this 12-part series, author and speaker Jennie Allen walks into the messy lives of the Corinthians and takes us through Paul’s words to the conflicted church. We’ll see how the truth of the gospel and the Spirit of God can empower us to choose to follow Jesus every day of our lives.