On Earth As it is In Heaven

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the things of this life were as they should be?  Consider these terrible statistics:  120 million children around the world live in forced labor; at least 30-50 million abortions are performed each year worldwide; at least 2.5 million Americans are locked up at any given time…this is the highest per capita rate of incarceration in the industrial world; the drug cartels of Mexico and Colombia take in more than $20 billion annually…some estimates place the amount much higher than this.  We could multiply the examples, there is no need.  By any standard, our world (though a wonderful place as originally intended by God) is dangerous, decayed and dark.  We cannot imagine a Heaven on earth.  We cannot imagine what our world would be like if “things” down here were like “things” up there.


Monday…read Genesis 1-3.  Notice the difference in the world before and after The Fall.


Tuesday…consider this: in the first two chapters of the Bible, we have paradise.  In the last two chapters of the Bible, we have paradise restored.
Read Revelation 21-22 and note the exuberance of the writer, John, as he celebrates what he has been shown, namely that Christ has been crowned the rightful King of all creation.


Wednesday…when Jesus taught us to pray that His will should be sought and obeyed on earth He told us that the ultimate result of this would be that His will, the reality of Heaven, would someday encompass the earth.  We know that until Judgment Day we will never have Heaven on earth.  When Jesus returns, though, that will be a reality!  Imagine a world ruled by our righteous Lord with all of the good and holy things and people around us.


Thursday…Every few years, we read that scientists are right on the verge of a pill or a procedure which will allow us to live much longer lives.  Hopes are raised, but these things never seem to materialize.  Until the end of time, until the eternity that is an integral part of heaven comes to earth, man must face death.  Read Hebrews 9:27.  Christians approach this time with confidence; the unbeliever approaches this reality with terror.


Friday…The will of God is fully realized in Heaven.  No evil, no death, no tears… we can only imagine!  This was God’s original plan for His highest creation, man.  That plan will resume when God has His way on earth.  And, make no mistake, He will have His way.  God’s will can only be thwarted for so long.  You may wish to read Revelation 19 but be warned, this chapter is not for the faint of heart.