Mission: Disciple One Another

I remember being at a revival meeting I was conducting in Tennessee many years ago. The family that had me in their home subscribed to the local newspaper which I read in the evenings after our services. I remember reading a story that made me cry. The story concerned a tiny girl just a few weeks old who died because she was neglected by her parents. To have a child and let it die is beyond my comprehension. We Christians must be certain that we do not see people born into the Kingdom of God and then left on their own. We are to be involved with each other at a more than “Hi, how are you” level. When we allow someone else to mentor us, teach us, lead us and help us in our Christian walk, we are being discipled. When we provide those avenues of growth for someone else, we are discipling that person. It is imperative that we do both: we allow ourselves to be led in our Christian walk and we lead someone else.  Jesus said, “Herein is my Father glorified, that you bear much fruit” (John 15:8). The “fruit” Christ is speaking of has to do with intentionally involving ourselves with people. That involvement definitely includes discipling.

Monday…a good definition of discipling is “teaching/leading with the purpose of maturity.” Colossians 1:28 speaks of discipling everyone so that converts will be “presented” fully mature in Christ.

 Tuesday…Beth and I know the joy of seeing our three children mature into responsible, Godly adults.  As with most parents, we marked the occasions in their life as they marched towards maturity.  The first birthday, the first day at school, first dates, graduations, etc., are all catalogued in our memories.  What joy it gives Christ when His dear children are on the path to maturity!  This happens when believers take seriously their responsibility to help those who are new to the faith.  I Thessalonians 2:7

Wednesday…Proverbs 27:17 reminds us that “iron sharpens iron.”  I have a friend named Tom who is an expert at the skills that the Indians used in order to survive. To watch him sharpen knives, axes, etc., is to watch a master at work. The verse referenced in Proverbs refers to one man ‘sharpening’ another.  Who have you learned from?  Who has ‘sharpened’ you? When it comes to the faith, who are you sharing Christian “survival skills” with?

Thursday…I heard a speaker say this: “You can gauge your spirituality by how many people are spiritually dependent on you.” I am not sure that is 100% valid, but it is a sobering thought. Who depends on you for Christian nurture?

Friday…Jesus taught us to “lay up treasure in Heaven” (Matthew 6:20). The ‘treasure’ He referenced has to do with people!  We are to live our lives in the service of others so they might gain an eternal home.  Do you know a better way to do that than intentionally discipling others?