Who Do You Think You Are?: I AM RESPONSIBLE

Who Do You Think You Are?: I AM RESPONSIBLE

There are several really, really hard phrases that we sometimes have to utter.  One of those is, “I was wrong.”  Another is, “I am sorry.” Still another is, “I am responsible.”  Assuming responsibility is (sometimes) never easy.  However, responsibility can be looked at in several ways as we will see.

Monday…When we make a big mistake or commit an outright sin, the very best thing is to own up to it immediately.  I well remember August of 1973 when our then President, Richard Nixon, was forced to resign ahead of the impeachment process.  Pundits then and now say that if he had owned up to what he had done and asked for forgiveness, it is very likely that he would have been able to finish out his second term.  See Ezekiel 18:20 and Isaiah 3:10,11.

Tuesday…Sometimes responsibility works in our favor.  A foreman comes into an industrial workplace and in a loud voice asks, “Who is responsible for the change in procedure on the drill press?”  A timid voice says, “I am, sir.”  The foreman replies, “Great job, Wilson!  Productivity is up ten percent.  Keep up the good work.”  It is not always bad to own up to what one has done. Numbers 25:6ff tells of a double murder.  Read it now.  Phinehas was responsible for this act…and was commended by God!

Wednesday…Sometimes responsibility occurs when someone has left us in charge.  We have delegated power.  When I was about twelve years old, I was given the care of my younger siblings for an hour or two at a time if my parents had to be gone.  I was responsible and I felt the weight of that responsibility.  Our elder brother, Jesus, has gone into heaven and has left us with a responsibility which you can read about in Matthew 28:18-20.

Thursday…People who refuse to take responsibility for their actions are immature, unwise and sometimes they are dangerous to the health of the group.  I have a friend who is a police officer.  He is a member of a SWAT team in Ft. Myers, Florida.  When we go fishing, he tells me cop stories.  They are fascinating to say the least!  His personal gripe:  rookie cops who, when they make a mistake, will not own up to it and learn from it.  Have you ever thought how the story of Judas might have been different had he repented?

Friday…Responsibility can be a burden, but it can also be a blessing.  When a promotion occurs in the military, in business, in the church, etc., it usually carries with it prestige, pay and privileges.  When we think of the responsibility we live with as Christians, that awesome burden is balanced by the thought of an eternal home!  Read Revelation 21,22.