What Your Money Say About Your Future

What Your Money Say About Your Future

I have several colleagues who make their living counseling…not an easy way to  make a living, but such a valuable service to society.  The words,  ‘wonderful     counselor’ are an apt description of Jesus Christ.  Of all the things we can say about our Lord, isn’t it comforting to know that He has the answers?  He is indeed a wonderful counselor!  There is more in this title than meets the eye.  You will recall that when Manoah (Samson’s father) saw The Angel of the Lord and asked His name, the angel told him that his name was, “wonderful.”  Judges 13:17 and 18, I believe, reveals this marvelous name for the Lord several hundred years before it was revealed to Isaiah that Messiah would have this descriptive term applied to Him.

MondayWonderful is literally, “full of wonder.”  We say trivial things are awesome or wonderful.  The other day in a well-known fast food establishment, I heard a youngster say that the french fries were, “wonderful.”  When we say that our Messiah is wonderful, we are affirming the fact that He is incomprehensible, marvelous and awe-inspiring.  Take a moment to meditate on this fact:  God became a man.

TuesdayOur Lord is a healer.  Matthew 4:23 reminds us of this powerful truth.  A true miracle defies, suspends or reverses the normal course of natural law.  Jesus had power over nature including power over disease and infirmities.  Undoubtedly hundreds and hundreds of people were healed during Jesus’ ministry.  On one occasion we are told that Jesus “healed them all” and the end of John’s gospel reminds us that not all miracles are recorded.

WednesdayMark 1:22…Jesus is wonderful in His teaching.  I have studied philosophy and ethics and I can say without fear of contradiction that the teaching of Jesus Christ is far above the wisdom of this world when it comes to all facets of human existence. Jesus’ standards of behavior and His answers to the big questions of life are without comparison.

ThursdayJesus is the best counselor imaginable.  Isaiah 28:29 teaches us that God is wise and gives good counsel.  Read the counsel Jesus gives to those who come to Him with questions and see His incredible insight and wisdom.

FridayColossians 2:3 and John 2:25 tell us WHY Jesus is such a wonderful

counselor.  He knows us…really knows us AND in him are all the hidden treasures of wisdom and knowledge.