Visionary Parenting

Visionary Parenting

Our youngest daughter has been an elementary school teacher for many years. She will resign and no longer teach after this year.  In lengthy talks with her, she        has told me the following: 1) she had no idea of the types of homes that are ‘out there’; she thought in her very youthful naivete (when she was in her very early 20’s) that all homes were pretty much like the home she was raised in; 2) teachers and administrators are no longer empowered to enforce any rules; 3) the children…very  young children…are exposed to things that literally ruin their lives before they have the mental capacity to process; and 4) it is impossible to teach a class of 26 children when 7 of those children are completely out of control every day.  The above descriptions are by no means unusual.  Ask any teacher or law enforcement professional.  Sad.  Very, very sad.

Monday…Christians know that children are to be trained.  Proverbs 22:6 is crystal clear.  Training involves more than providing food and shelter.  What would Christianity look like in 2018 if EVERY Christian parent would have taken that advice from A.D. 30 on?  What would our world look like?

Tuesday…Deuteronomy 6:7 and 11:19 give excellent advice on the training of children.  Read these verses, meditate on these verses and apply these verses.  You will see a huge difference in your children!  Do NOT make the mistake of separating Christianity from the ordinary events of life…the ordinary flow of events and subjects for discussion.  Incorporate teaching into virtually every part of family life.  Spiritual teaching.

Wednesday…Does training children have to be harsh?  NO!  The opposite is true.  See Ephesians 6:4. We are not to exasperate our children.  Love them.  Have fun with them.  Set the example for them.  Let them see the incredible benefits of following God and trusting Christ.

Thursday…Statistically, my siblings and I had no chance.  Both my mom and dad came from abusive, ignorant, violent backgrounds.  My dad saw his dad abuse his siblings and his mother.  My mom was raised in an orphan’s home in Covington, Kentucky having been abandoned by her own mother and father.  Drunkenness and poverty were the order(s) of the day for both my mom and dad along with the abuse.  They married young.  They had little skills as to how to conduct family life.  The HUGE difference was: 1) they loved each other and 2) they loved God.  We had a very good family life as a result.  I am so grateful to them as I have gotten older and realize what they went through.  Parents, if you had a tough time remember: you brought kids into the world and you have a God-given responsibility.  Don’t let them down!

Friday…Respect for authority, the value of hard work, the importance of com-munity, the requirement to live a pure life, the fact of God’s judgment when life is over…can you imagine what the impact on the world would be if everyone understood these things?  Why do they not understand these things?  BECAUSE IT IS MUCH EASIER TO MAKE A BABY THAN TO RAISE A BABY and millions and millions of human beings have no concept of these basic things because a parent or parents let them down.