On June 30, 1859, the French acrobat and aerialist Blondin walked across Niagara Falls on a tightrope.  He was an amazing performer!  He also did this feat blindfolded, in a sack, pushing a wheelbarrow, on stilts, sitting down midway and eating an omelet and standing on a chair with only one leg on the cable!  On one occasion, he walked a tightrope with his manager (Harry Colcord) on his back.  He once asked an audience if they believed that he could walk across the cable with a man on his back.  They had seen him perform many times and nodded their assent that he could indeed perform this dangerous trick.  Blondin then asked for volunteers to be carried across.  No one volunteered.  Do you see the difference between mere assent or even belief in someone or something and trusting that someone?  When we say we trust God remember that we are putting absolute faith in Him–and that is a good thing indeed.

Monday…Johnny Carson got his start on an old TV show called, “Who Do You Trust?”  Husbands and wives were asked that question and the audience got to see if the trust was well placed or not as spouses were subjected to questions with prizes in the offing.  That is a profound question:  who do you trust?  See Joshua 1:9 and II Samuel 7:28.

Tuesday…Do you see the difference between “believing in God” and “believing God”?  Most people have a belief in God.  They acknowledge His existence.  Christians go a step further and believe God.  What He says we take as absolute truth.  We trust Him.  We trust His Word.  Psalm 9:10; Psalm 13:5

Wednesday...A famous preacher from yesteryear said this about Jesus Christ:  “He is a gentleman of the strictest honor and you can trust Him.”  Isn’t that beautiful?  It puts the Lord on a level that we may be able to understand.  A gentleman indeed and one of the strictest honor…worthy of our trust.  Romans 15:13; Revelation 21:5

Thursday…If the Lord can run the universe (and He does), do you think He can run your finances?  Do you think if you trust Him with your money that He can do better with it than you can by yourself?  Trust the Lord with your money!  He will take good care of you and supply your needs.  Philippians 4:19

Friday…Too many people do not know the difference between spending and investing.  That is why our national debt is what it is and that is why the average American lives paycheck to paycheck.  Invest in eternal things; they are guaranteed.  See Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 6:19-34