The Harvest Field

Brian Clark

The Harvest Field

My generation remembers the beatnik Maynard G. Krebs from the old Dobie Gillis TV show. Whenever the word, “work” was mentioned, he had a bit of a fit because he        apparently did not appreciate any type of work. I will admit that it took me awhile to     appreciate the value of work. Hard work. Hard, consistent work. Working when I did not want to. You get the picture. You likely had a similar experience. Now, I appreciate work and know that work teaches lessons that nothing else can teach. Nothing!

Monday…Many years ago it dawned on me that the Creator (John 1, Colossians 1,      Hebrews 1) of the universe worked in a carpenter shop for at least 23 or 24 years.      Think of that! Now think what a carpenter shop was like 2000 years ago. Now think that Jesus Christ lived in a village that was about 30 acres in size and likely had no more than 200-300 people in it. Do you see the picture? If tradition is correct (I believe this one is), Joseph died young. Jesus was the oldest child in the family (a family of at least seven children) and it would have fallen on him to work hard and be the ‘fix-it’ guy in his tiny town. And He was, and is, the Son of God. Now what was that about physical work being seen as demeaning?

Tuesday…I had a wonderful friend from 1990-2006. He died way too early as a result of Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam when he was a kid. He was an HVAC expert. One day per month…this usually stretched into several days…! he would donate his services to the widows and needy in our church. I learned a lot from him. As you finish reading this, did you learn something? Matthew 25:40.

Wednesday…Most of the world lives in abject poverty. Isn’t that a terrific word, “abject”? I’ll bet you have time to look it up. To most of the world, clean water is only a fantasy. Enough food is a pipe dream. Adequate shelter beyond reach. How can we help? How can you or I help? One thing to consider is a short-term mission trip where your skills can be put to good use. You have heard of “Doctors Without Borders”…and they are wonderful! The truth is that God can use plumbers, car mechanics, general contractors, painters,   laborers, etc. in the advancement of the Kingdom. Notice the first word in the Great  Commission: “Go.”

Thursday…Two things to avoid: exaggerating one’s skills and downplaying one’s skills. The fact is that everyone is good at something and where your interests and abilities are is precisely where God can use you. Notice in the Scriptures these occupations and notice how they were used of God (use Google): shepherds, leaders, bricklayers, workers in precious metals, workers in leather of all sorts/tentmakers, soldiers, artisans, farmers, fishermen, businessmen and businesswomen, tradesmen, scribes, potters, etc. Again, when you Google these in the context of the Bible stories and people, notice how they were used of God to advance His work.

Friday…Too many people I know worked hard just to retire early. Now what? Think on this awhile: Is all of my time God’s time? Do I somehow get a pass from doing anything because I happened to reach 65? Let’s see the truth of this statement: we need to be   found faithful and working all the way through our lives. John 9:4 speaks a powerful truth for all of us. Christ expects us to be His soldiers and ambassadors all the way through.

                                                                  by Dale Holzbauer