The Gig’s Up: The Sneaky Giant

Brian Clark

The Gig’s Up: The Sneaky Giant

Ayn Rand is famous for her writings. One of her most interesting books is entitled, “The Virtue of Selfishness.” Trust me, it’s not what you think. In spite of what the book says, we live in a time when people believe that there is indeed some sort of virtue in being selfish, that is, seeking one’s own happiness, comfort, security, etc., first.  This can be a deadly trap.

Monday…Jesus told many, many parables. Some 32 are preserved for us. One of the most shocking parables is known to us by this title: “The Rich Fool.” Read Luke 12:16-21 to be reminded of this little story. Note how this man thought of himself. Note how and what he thought of God and note what he thought of his fellow man. Note also that he thought he would go on living. Note how he neglected to factor in the judgment of God and lastly, note how wrong he was about everything in life that was really valuable.

Tuesday…Is it wrong to seek comfort, security, things? Not necessarily, but life demands a balance and spiritual life demands that the balance be tipped towards the spiritual, not the physical. I cannot answer for you, but I find myself worrying and fretting way too much over temporal things. That time would be much better spent counting my blessings, praising my Father in Heaven and enjoying the benefits of being a child of God. I may also mention that it is unwise to overlook the value of friends and family! Jesus has much to say about our physical comfort and security in Matthew 6. Begin reading at vs. 19 and read through this wonderful chapter….do not forget who is doing the talking here!

Wednesday…Have you ever arrived at a goal you had set and then realized that the goal was not really all that great? I know men who, all during their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, could not wait for that magical moment when they turned 65 and then they could retire. They retired and then they had to ask like the old singer, Peggy Lee, “Is that all there is?” (Do yourself a massive favor and listen to this song on You Tube…what a sad picture of many lives today). Jesus offers the abundant life now and an eternal home later (John 14). Compare that with what most people waste their time on now as they are seduced by the “giant of comfort.”

Thursday…Henry David Thoreau, he of “Walden Pond”, famously said (among other things), “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Yes, they do. And the reason they do is simple: they do not know God. When we omit God from the equation, forget our fellow man and concentrate on ourselves, we make a huge mistake. Someone once said that “those who are all wrapped up in themselves make a very small package.” True! See Matthew 5:16 for a good picture as to how we are to live.

Friday…Francis Albert Sinatra, The Chairman of the Board, Ol’ Blue Eyes…he of Ratpack fame….do you recall his song: “I Did It My Way?” Do you recall how people applauded and cheered when he sang that song? I wonder how he feels about that song  since he has now met the Lord of the universe? the truth is that if we live lives ‘our   way’, we will seek our own comfort. Not good. We remember Paul’s words in II Timothy 3:12 regarding how our lives will be if Jesus is put first. May I also say this: if you have extra, enjoy God’s blessings on your life and help your fellow man…and do not get attached to things…you likely are on the right path.

by Dale Holzbauer