The Gigs up: The Giant of Fear

Brian Clark

The Gigs up: The Giant of Fear

A Japanese sensei who was very old when I met him, told me that in his culture it was believed that one could not truly live until one was prepared to die. He was not a Christian, but he was correct in that statement. Those who have a few years on them know that life is tenuous at best. The unexpected should be expected. Trouble will come. Heartache will come. Illness will come, financial difficulties may very well come and, of course, eventually death will come. How can we be “over comers” seeing that all of this is obviously true?

Monday…Some people believe that if they simply have enough “faith”, everything will magically work out. They do not have an accurate understanding of faith and usually wind up very disappointed with God and with their own lives. Jesus told His followers in John 16:33 that they could absolutely expect trouble. Please take a moment and read that seminal verse and see what it says in its entirety. It is critical to our understanding of Christianity that we know that we do not have an immunity to trouble in this life, but that Christ has made a way for us and has, in fact, overcome the world.

Tuesday…Think of this: the sun comes up and hardens clay. The same sun melts butter. The wind blows and the thin reed bends with the wind and survives while the mighty oak tree may be blown down and destroyed. These examples have weaknesses to be sure, but we can immediately see that circumstance need not dictate results. We all know people who have undergone severe trials. Some survived and came out on the other side stronger than ever. Some were destroyed. We see the truth in the statement that one’s attitude may very well determine one’s altitude. The book of Job comes to mind. If you have not read that book in a while, determine to do so this week.

Wednesday…Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 is a beautiful portion of Scripture! I have used in literally hundreds of times in weddings and in counseling. It speaks of the value of friendship. Take a moment and read these four verses. Note: sometimes all it takes to get through a bad situation is for one to have a friend who will come alongside. Do you know that you have a friend in Jesus? Want to have some fun? Look up on You Tube the song, “Spirit in the Sky” by Norman Greenbaum. It will bless your gizzard and remind you that you have an eternal Friend.

 Thursday…I have a brother who was trapped in a cave in Monroe County, Indiana, for two nights and parts of three days. He was young and ill-prepared and nearly lost his life. The water was gone; the batteries were dead and he and his two friends were besides themselves with fear. Can you imagine their relief when they heard voices, saw lights and knew that they had been rescued? Remember this: in your worse circumstance, the Lord God is there and whatever happens (including your demise), He will never forsake you. Look up all the verses in the Bible that speak of our God loving us. You will be amazed!

Friday…I doubt very much that David overcame Goliath (I Samuel 17) with a small stone. Take a little time and read the story. The slingshots of those days were powerful. Much more powerful than the ones used today and they could inflict serious injury, but Goliath was hardly an ordinary man. We know that God intervened. Do we know that God will intervene when we need Him?

By Dale Holzbauer