The Day of The Lord

Brian Clark

The Day of The Lord

Have you ever been given bad advice or teaching regarding something that has to do with your faith? Of course you have! And so did the Thessalonians. We all have to be like the Bereans and check everything we are taught by the Word of God (Acts 17:11). Someone had given them bad teaching regarding the second coming of Christ Jesus. They had it in their mind that their generation would see the eschaton (fancy language for the second coming). You can imagine their confusion when some of their number died and Jesus had not yet returned. Where were their loved ones? Had they somehow missed out? The larger issues here, of course, are the events preceding and surrounding the eschaton and the fact that it is going to happen.
Monday…J.N. Darby…his name is one to remember because he is the one who popularized the notion of a secret rapture which had the righteous being “raptured” or “carried away” before a great tribulation would strike the earth. This is not taught in I Thessalonians 4 and is flatly contradicted by Matthew 13:30. What I Thessalonians 4 does teach (among other things), is that those believers who have preceded us in death are with the Lord and will return to the earth with Him at the second Advent.

Tuesday…Read I Thessalonians 4:13-17 very carefully. Did you notice that three sounds will occur at the second coming of Christ? The archangel (Michael) will shout, Jesus will also shout (command) and there will be the sound of a trumpet. The trumpet (shofar) was used by God’s people to rally the people for war. The trumpet sounding reminds us that Jesus is coming with His army and they will defeat the evil people of this world and their leader, Satan and his demons. You definitely want to be on the right side of this battle.

Wednesday…The coming of the Lord is a great comfort to us Christians. Verse 18 of I Thessalonians reminds us that we are to comfort each other by reminding each other that God is still on His throne and His timetable will be enacted. Jesus will return to the earth and claim it as His own (Revelation 5). His Kingdom will be on the earth forever and we will rule with Him.

Thursday…Since these things are going to happen, how should we live? Good advice is given in the 5th chapter of I Thessalonians in verse six where we are reminded to be alert and self-controlled.  Ah, yes…self-control. How very quaint! How very, very necessary.

Friday…While we Christians observe the command of the Lord to “watch”   and to “be ready”, the world observes “peace and safety” (I Thessalonians 5:3).  In other words, the world says, “don’t worry; everything is okay.” Have they got a surprise coming!

by Dale Holzbauer