Simeon, Waiting on God

Brian Clark

Simeon, Waiting on God

“If I was God, I would…” have you ever caught yourself saying that? I have. Usually I say this in the context of preventing evil or punishing some evil. Have you considered Galatians 4:4 lately? Basically, this verse teaches that God sent His Son into the world when the time was just right. Would you have waited as long as God waited? Do you ever wonder why He waited as long as He did? While we are on the subject, would you have had your son born into the humble circumstances that Jesus was born into? Back on the subject: why was the time ‘just right’ 2000 years ago? Read on…

Monday…When Christ came into the world, the ‘world’ around the Mediterranean sea had been unified by the Romans.  When they conquered the Greeks and their Empire, the Romans added good roads, a common currency, a lingua franca (look it up), the benefits of law and order, the Pax Romana, benefits of citizenship, safe travel, etc… Read a little in the book of Acts today (a few of the parts where missionaries are traveling and spreading the Gospel) and realize that for the first time in history, those safe travels were possible.  God’s timing!

Tuesday…Is God ever late? Does He ever get wrapped up in details and forgets some key things? I do…but He never does. My patience is not one of my virtues.  I want things settled and made right immediately. God, on the other hand, has great patience. It’s a good thing He does. Where would you be right now if God settled all of His accounts with you immediately? II Peter 3:9 is a good verse to look up. Right now.

Wednesday…Simeon was a patient man.  Read Luke 2:25-35. Of all of the adjectives used to describe him, the word “patient” is also apropos.  Notice: he was waiting. Ah, yes…waiting. Don’t you just love to wait? Think how long he had waited to see the “consolation of Israel”, namely, the Christ?! Think how long Israel had waited. Think how long we Christians have waited for the Second Advent. Be patient! The Lord is at the door!

Thursday…God is never in a hurry and He is never late. Simeon knew that. Moved by the Spirit, he went to the temple at the precise time the Holy Family showed up. Luke 2:28 reminds us that Simeon actually held the Christ child in his arms. What a moment that must have been! Do you think it was worth the wait? Will it be worth the wait for you when the Christ holds you in His arms and says, “Well done!”?

 Friday…May we be like Simeon and patiently wait for all the Lord has for us. Simeon’s faith allowed him to be a patient man. Notice this also: Simeon was filled with  the Holy Spirit and had been assured by the Father that he, Simeon, would not die until he had seen the Lord’s Anointed One, the Christ. Now note this: when he     had seen the promised Child, he said to God that he was ready to die. Wow! That is some example of patience, faith and righteousness!

by Dale Holzbauer