Playing My Part

Brian Clark

Playing My Part

You have had the experience of being at or in a play. You may very well have had the experience of being at or in a concert. You may also have had the experience of being part of a team. In each of these scenarios, each member of the cast or each instrument or each player has a specific role to play. As you have observed or participated, you gained an appreciation of the importance each person deserved. Quite often after a successful play, concert or game, someone may be interviewed (if the event is important enough) and invariably the one interviewed will credit each member of the cast, band or team (that is if they have sufficient maturity and /or magnanimity) with the success of the performance. So it is with the critical work of the church! We are part of a team.

Monday…Please read Romans 12 and pay particular attention to the list of gifts given to the church by the Holy Spirit. Note the amazing variety of these gifts and note also that 1) you do not possess all of these gifts, and 2) you probably recognize individuals with whom you are acquainted in the church who do possess these various attributes and gifts and lastly 3) each of these gifts is necessary to the function of the church. Know your part and play it well!

Tuesday…Note these words in 1 Corinthians 3:6-8: “I planted, Apollos watered and God gave the increase…” In this brief phrase, Paul uncovers a tremendous truth, namely that God sometimes uses multiple people in different roles to win souls. Do not fret over what you cannot or have not done…instead, being led by God and being available to God, do what you can when you can.

Wednesday…Read I Corinthians 12 and notice again the list of the gifts given to the church. Ask God to show you what you can do. One test: what do you enjoy doing? Another test: what does the Body of Christ affirm…in other words, what are you complimented for as you work in the church?  Remember this cardinal truth: you have a part to play in every facet of the church’s mission. Your part in some areas may just be to show up. You may have a very active and up front part in other areas. Play your part.

Thursday…Read Ephesians 4 and note (once again) the variety of roles played by leaders and others in the great work of evangelizing the world. We can’t all be Apostles, Prophets, etc., but we all can be servants who are available, bold and informed. See I Peter 3:15.

Friday…When it comes to evangelism, I like what the late Francis Schaeffer said. When asked  how he saw himself as a Christian philosopher, author, preacher and teacher he said:  “I see myself as a leaking seed basket.” I really like that. He saw himself as spreading the ‘seed’ of the Gospel as he lived his life.  Did he convert everyone?  No. Did he make enemies. Yes. Was he faithful to the end as a witness for the Lord?  Yes. Did he rely on the Spirit and on others to finish some of the work he started?    Yes…and we should do the same.

    By Dale Holzbauer