One Standing at the Crossroads

Brian Clark

One Standing at the Crossroads

Many years ago, the great blues singer Robert Johnson penned his famous song, “Crossroad.”  (I love Eric Clapton’s version of that song but you did not read that here). In rural America in the early part of the of the 19th and 20thcenturies, immigrants brought to these shores the superstitious belief that crossroads held some sort of magic and in some cases, were to be traversed quickly lest one come under a spell of some sort or meet up with the Devil himself. Those were just stories, but each of us understands the meaning of coming to a crossroads in life. We understand coming to a place in our lives where a choice is to be made.

Monday…When you read your Bible, do you see the characters in its pages as being real people who lived in time and space or do you see the people in the Bible as surreal? Read Hebrews 11 some time today and in that wonderful pericope you will meet    dozens of real-life people who, when they came to the crossroads and had to make a choice, chose to live a life of faith.  May we do the same in all situations!  Live a life of faith!

Tuesday…Can you even imagine the choices Joseph, the earthly father of our Lord, had to make? Remember that Joseph had it in his mind to put Mary aside privately since she was found to be with child before they were formally married. (Remember that in that culture, couples were sometimes betrothed/engaged for up to a year before the actual wedding ceremony took place), but when the angel appeared to him and told him to proceed with taking Mary as his wife, he made the right choice and chose the path of obedience to God.  See Matthew 1:18,19.

Wednesday…Can you pinpoint the time when you made the conscious choice to follow God no matter the cost? Was that choice easy at the time? Has it been consistently easy since then? The fact is that the normal Christian life is not easy.  It is not easy because of a variety of factors not the least of which is that the world is decidedly     anti-God. Sometimes making the right choice can cost a career; it can sometimes cost a marriage. In extreme cases, it can cost the loss of physical life itself. We Christians need to know that this life is not easy, but the choice to follow Christ is the right choice.  Always the right choice!   Philippians 3:8.

Thursday…Indiana Jones was told in the movie, “You must choose, but choose     wisely…”  Good advice!  Are you not happy that you have the power of choice?  Moses realized the consequences of choice as he said farewell to his people.  Please read   Deuteronomy 30:15-20.  It will bless your gizzard!

Friday…Sometimes people regret the limited scope of their choices. When I was in college, I learned to play poker. Do not mention this to Mrs. Holzbauer. We never  gambled, just played for pennies and then returned the pennies to a large jar when the game was complete.  I learned that I had to play the hand I was dealt.  Same in life.     Do not wallow in envy or regret. God has a plan for you and will make a way for you. Remember: Proverbs 3:5-6

by Dale Holzbauer