Joshua: The Battlefield

Tanner Garver

Joshua: The Battlefield

Ever wonder why Paul told Timothy in II Timothy 2 to be a ‘soldier’? Did you notice in verses three and four the earmarks of a good soldier? One, the good soldier endures hardship. Two, the good soldier forgets civilian affairs and finally the good soldier wants to please his/her commanding officer. Take a look at that list again. As Paul wrote to Timothy, Nero was on the throne and Paul was in a disgusting, dank, dark, dangerous dungeon. Paul would be beheaded within a few months of writing II Timothy. Compare Paul’s circumstances and what he had to say with modern-day Christianity which, sad to say, is so timid and so ‘inclusive’ that it has been rendered all but totally ineffective.

Monday…You have heard it before: “The Christian life is a battlefield, not a playground.” My grandchildren love to go to a playground near our house. It is on Morse Reservoir and it is a lovely place. Well equipped and a spectacular view of the lake. It is built for play. Every piece of equipment is non-functioning except for play and recreation. The playground accomplishes nothing except short term amusement for those who visit there. All of that is OK for a playground…it is not OK for a church. The church facilities and personnel are to equip those who visit for battle. Life-long battle. Luke 9:62.

Tuesday…What are our battles? Where is the enemy operating? And, what should we do about it? I heard today on Christian radio that the average Christian has less than seven ‘spiritual’ conversations per year. By ‘spiritual’, it is meant that the conversation had anything at all to do with God, death, eternity, heaven, hell, salvation, etc. Seven times per year. Think of it. At the very least, we Christians need to be conversing through social media, personal interaction, writing, etc., and let our voices be heard. You must read II Corinthians 14:8 and remember that we Christians are to give proper warning and instruction for the battle which wages around us.

Wednesday…Every now and then we read of a spectacular rescue. Someone puts themselves in great danger in order to save a life. We applaud such effort and those who expend it and we should. Have you rescued anyone lately? It is likely that you have and you may not even know it. Be certain and take advantage of every opportunity to do damage to the devil’s kingdom through how you live and what you say. Trust me, someone is watching and you just may rescue someone! Proverbs 25:11-13.

Thursday…During the next 24 hours, the abortion industry in our country will snuff out the lives of 1500 children. The procedures are so gruesome and so barbaric that they cannot be described. I wonder how many people who think abortion is a ‘right’ have ever seen one? Or, at least done the research as to how they are performed? One battlefield is the abortion battlefield. Anyone who participates in any way in that holocaust will face a very angry God. Can it be forgiven? Yes. Is it the murder of children? Yes. What can we Christians do? Pray. Vote for leaders who oppose this travesty. And, help build the church anyway you can. Hebrews 10:31. Jeremiah 1:5. Psalm 139.

Friday…The bedrock of civilization is NOT the local community. It is NOT the government. The bedrock is the family. Satan’s attacks on the family are well-known in Christian circles. Gay ‘marriage’, the coddling of children, the confusion of masculine and feminine roles, a too-crowded schedule which allows no time for ‘family time’, the incursion of social media with its corrosive ideals and images, and the lack of spiritual training are contributing to what we see today. See what God says about the family in Galatians 5 and 6. Do not surrender this critical area to the evil one in the battle laid out before us.

by Dale Holzbaue