Hope is Rising: Intense Pursuit

Hope is Rising: Intense Pursuit

Normally, we would consider the concept of being pursued in a negative context.  No one likes being chased.  We have nightmares about being chased!  “Pursuit” also calls to mind the chasing of a criminal.  Do we realize that God pursues us and that we are to pursue others?  Read on…

Monday…Scholars have known for some time that in the original Hebrew language, the Old Testament uses several different words for God.  One of those names is Jehovah-Roi (Rohi) which translates to the fact that God is our Shepherd.  In Deuteronomy 7:7-8 we learn that God loved Israel and chose Israel and delivered Israel.  Do you see?  Our God is a Shepherd and as a loving shepherd, he pursues us.  Jesus continued this description when He told us that He was The Good Shepherd who knew His sheep and who loved His sheep.  Think in terms of a loving God who pursues a relationship with you.

Tuesday…God pursues us and desires a relationship with us even though we are sinners.  Romans 5:8 reminds us that Jesus died for us when we were still sinners.  We see the consistency of God as He desires a relationship with people whom He created in both Testaments.  Fix this thought in your mind: the Bible is full of examples of people who, by rights, had forfeited their chance of a relationship with a holy God, but God still pursued the relationship.

Wednesday…One would think that after King David killed a man and took his wife that God would be through with him.  The same goes for King Manasseh who likely killed the prophet Isaiah.  The same would be true with the woman taken in the act of adultery (John 8).  But God loves!  God pursues!  What a wonderful thought to entertain as we consider lost friends and family members.  God is still in pursuit of them.

Thursday…We are to join in the pursuit.  God pursues us; we are to pursue others.  Who have you given up on?  Reverse course and pray for that person!  Look for chances to witness and encourage that person.  If God in His holiness and majesty is a pursuer, so we also should be in pursuit.  Make a list now of those within your sphere of influence who need you to go after them in a loving fashion.

Friday…His street name was Greasy Jack.  He was a member of the Street Justice motorcycle gang.  I never thought I would see him be saved, but he was.  He wanted to talk to me after a bad motorcycle wreck.  He was hospitalized for weeks with serious injuries.  I remember very well the day I led him to Christ and baptized him.  His real name was Mike Warren and he would up serving Christ.  Pursue others!