I Love America: Christian’s Responsibility

Brian Clark

I Love America: Christian’s Responsibility


The Government in Jesus’ day was totally corrupt and totally violent. Their morals, their entertainment, their view of the Jews, etc., made for a terrible environment for Jesus’ ministry and for the early church. Have you ever thought of this: why did God choose the first century for the time in which He would send His Son to earth? At that very time, the beast predicted in Daniel was in charge of the world (the Roman Empire). The Caesars were morally bankrupt, most of the soldiers were hardened war criminals (not all) and order was kept by extreme force which disregarded human rights. Surely Jesus would speak out against (specifically) the Roman government. Surely Paul would. Peter? Jude? The Gospel writers? James? Remarkably, none of these writers specifically targeted the Roman government for criticism. Neither did Jesus. So, what does this tell us about the government…is there more to learn? What about when government goes against the laws of God?

Monday…Theologians talk about a “law above the law”. By this, they mean that God’s law supersedes man’s law. We Christians have a mandate to be good citizens (more on this later) but we must never forget that when our government condones things like abortion, gay marriage, etc., we will disagree and do our best to uphold the law of God, not the “laws” of man. Matthew 24:35 speaks a great truth.

Tuesday…I would have loved to overhear a conversation between Jesus and those who tried to trap Him in His own words! When a coin was brought to Jesus, He replied in response to the question about taxes, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and give to God what is God’s.” Wow! (See Matthew 22:21) Remember that Rome was repressive, morally bankrupt and violent, yet Jesus said that the government was to be obeyed insofar as the government did not go against the laws of God.

Wednesday…Christians have a moral responsibility to be good citizens. The government provides justice, safety, our roads, parks, etc., Romans 13 is an excellent chapter to read concerning our relationship to our government. Take a few minutes today and read what Paul said about the Christian’s responsibility to his/her government.

Thursday…Can a Christian engage in civil disobedience? Yes, but we must always remember that what we do and say reflects on the Lord. I applaud those who picket the abortion clinics and I applaud those who stand their ground as sexual perversion becomes the norm. Remember, Jesus said that we are not to be ashamed of Him and that we would suffer persecution because just as the world hated Him, the world will also hate us.

Friday…A Christian can be a pacifist, for gun control, for compassion in aiding those who are in our country illegally and for justice in the courts. Christians can also take a harder line on all of those issues. We must be careful as we interact with our government to remember that opinions are one thing and a “thus saith the Lord” is something else altogether.

By Dale Holzbauer