I Love America: Advancing the Kingdom Through America’s Affluence

Brian Clark

I Love America: Advancing the Kingdom Through America’s Affluence


I see a lot of danger ahead for America. I also see a lot of good in America. I have made a very detailed study of American history through the years and I know why we have been (thus far) so incredibly successful and powerful. I would urge everyone who reads this to become familiar with the “WallBuilders” out of Plano, Texas. David Barton is a Christian historian you will want to know. As the historical revisionists try to rob America of its solidly Christian heritage, you need to become familiar with the real history of this country. As you become familiar with the real history of our country, you will find out that Christian people throughout our history have made all the difference. God has blessed America because we (in the past) have put our faith and trust in Him and in His Church and His Word and His Christ.

Monday…When WW II ended and we had totally defeated and destroyed Japan and Germany, do you remember what we did? We rebuilt both nations. We forgave both nations. Where is that principle found…namely that one should do good to those who have done bad? One need look no further than the ethic of Jesus Christ who taught us to love our enemies. See the magnificent Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) and let the ethic(s) of that sermon become part of your mind.

Tuesday…Do you know which war cost the most American lives? Do you think it may have been WW II? Hard to believe, but it was the Civil War which cost over 600,000 lives. Factor into this figure the fact that the population of America during that time frame was less than one-tenth of what it is today, and one can see the enormity of the sacrifice this nation made to end slavery. Do you know why we did that? Because slavery is a moral evil, of course. Who was it who taught the dignity and worth of every human being? Jesus, of course. Watch Jesus as He talks to women, children, people of “low worth” (in the minds of some) and   notice how He values everyone, even His enemies. Pay particular attention to John 8 verses 1-20.

Wednesday…Has there ever been a nation as generous as the U.S.? The short answer is a resounding, “no.” In our time, many of the nations in our hemisphere are failing. One need only to look at the border crisis and see that this is true. Millions and millions of people around the world have as their ultimate goal getting to the United States. We are powerful and wealthy because of our foundation. Employers who look to the Scriptures find excellent principles with which to conduct their business. Employees likewise who look to the Scriptures find excellent advice as to how they are to conduct themselves on the job. Google this: “Bible verses on employers and employees” and you will see what I mean.

Thursday…Our military might is second to none. Teddy Roosevelt was absolutely right when he said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” We keep China, Russia, Iran, etc. in check because we are powerful. We have protected nation after nation in our history and kept them free because we have told their enemies (and ours) to keep their distance. Is this Biblical? Is this the right way for a nation to behave? Oh, yes it is! An obvious Biblical principle is that the strong ought to look out for the weak. Again, Google this and you will see what is meant by this obvious statement.

Friday…Our country has sent literally hundreds of thousands of missionaries to virtually every country in the world. As I write this, tens of thousands of Americans are carrying the good news of Jesus Christ to every corner of our world. The stakes are high. Islam leads hundreds of millions astray. The various Eastern religions do the same. The idol worship, pantheism, animism, etc., around the world robs people of a good life and of an eternal life. Jesus teaches us in Matthew 18-20 to “Go” and many, many Christians have done just that!
by Dale Holzbauer