God’s Amazing Willingness to Bless

Brian Clark

God’s Amazing Willingness to Bless

We do not serve a begrudging Father!  God, as our Heavenly Father, wants to bless us and see us enjoy the grace and privileges He has for us. We are reminded that Jesus told us that just as earthly fathers (good fathers) want the best for their children, so our Heavenly Father, who has none of the weaknesses of humanity, wants the best for His children as well.

Monday…Have you ever thought of what you could be and what you could have if you would ask? James 4:2,3 is a critical passage that teaches us that we are not to ask so that we can spend on ourselves, but do not miss the point: it’s OK to ask! What are you asking God to do for Fair Haven Christian Church this year? Isn’t that a good question? If you are like me, you have asked God for health, provision, family issues, peace, etc., but you may have neglected to ask God to bless (specifically to bless) His church right here in Trafalgar. Let’s all make it a priority, especially during this next year, to ask God to bless the body of believers at Fair Haven especially in the areas of service, discipleship and evangelism.

Tuesday…When Elijah asked Elisha what he wanted since Elijah was about to go to Heaven, Elisha responded wisely and asked for a double portion of Elijah’s spirit (II Kings 2:9). Students of the Bible may disagree a bit on what exactly that meant, but we see the larger picture, namely that Elisha wanted to continue in ministry and did not ask for something out of a selfish motive. Would it not be an amazing prayer for you to offer to God that He would give you power to do His work?

Wednesday…David wanted to build a Temple/house for God.  The tabernacle, in  David’s day, had been in use for nearly five centuries and David wanted a permanent house for the Lord. David’s offer was refused by the Lord because God’s purpose for David involved him being a man of war and the building of the Temple would be a job for David’s son, Solomon. Do you recall what God said then and what God did for  David? In effect, God said to David, “Instead of you building me a house, I will build for you a ‘house’.” See II Samuel 7.  Isn’t that just like God? He is indeed willing to bless those whose hearts are right before Him!

Thursday…An old, old song has the refrain: “count your many blessings and see what God has done.” When you think over your life, do you make the mistake that many make and see only your own cleverness, hard work, education, “luck”, etc.? Do this: make a serious effort to see where and when God has intervened in your life. He will open your eyes to see His presence throughout your life.

Friday…This morning (October 22) on my way to work, I heard that the lottery had reached 1.6 billion dollars. Along with tens of thousands of others, I thought of what I would do if I had that kind of money at my disposal. Then I thought of how God loves me, has saved me and has a place prepared for me and the 1.6 billion slipped into the back of my mind for good. God has blessed you, saved you and has a place for you (John 14).  As you think of that, think also of the privilege you have of sharing the Good News about Jesus with everyone you know.  We serve a good God who is mighty to save and who longs to bless us!

By Dale Holzbauer