Found Money

Found Money

Monday…Sometimes I say my prayers out loud.  I do this when I am in my car, taking a walk, etc.  I am invariably more than a bit shocked by what I have to say to the Lord.  I find that way too much of what I say is me asking Him for something.  That is not bad in and of itself, but where is the praise due Him? Where is the confession?  Where is the joy in talking to my Creator? The fact is that I have way more already than I deserve and I have to be careful that I do not fall into the trap mentioned in James 4:3.  Read it…you will see what I mean.

Tuesday…I have had hundreds of funerals in my 52 year ministry.  I have never once had anyone ask me to mention how much their dearly departed was worth.  No one cares at that moment.  Invariably, they want me to mention character issues, not financial issues. Is it not interesting that when one passes on, we all recognize the truth of Luke 12:15?  I know…I know…just read it.

Wednesday…When I was a very young boy, I had a job that I volunteered for selling greeting cards door to door.  I made a few dollars and was told by my parents that I was to give ten percent of my earnings to the church.  I remember feeling a bit indignant, but I did what I was told.  Gradually, the truth of Psalms 24:1 dawned on me, namely that God owns everything.  Everything.

Thursday…Have you ever been a manager for a store, a private business, an office, etc…? By the way, everyone reading this: give me a call or shoot me a text or call the office.  Let’s see who actually reads these articles.  Thanks.  OK, back to business: you know/knew as a manager that you did not own the business.  You just took the resources of that place of business and managed them under the direction of your boss.  Again, you did not own the things you managed. You were the equivalent of the first century “steward”.  Jesus told a parable of a rich man who turned money over to some of his managers to see what they would make of the funds entrusted to them. See Matthew 25:14-30 for a description of what happened.  Some of it is a bit shocking.

Friday…Christians are not like other people for a variety of reasons. We not only believe some rather incredible facts but we live totally different lifestyles. Instead of a “get all you can and can all you get” lifestyle, we are open, sharing and generous. This is one way we imitate our Creator who is also open, sharing and generous!

By Dale Holzbaue