Finance: Money and Heart

Brian Clark

Finance: Money and Heart

The ancient Greeks divided the human being into three parts: the kardia (heart/emotion), the nous (mind/intellect) and the splagnos (“gut”/inner being). We do some     of the same things when we make a statement like, “home is where the heart is.” When we use the word, “heart”, we are not talking about the physical organ, but rather some part of the inner you…the real you. Our Bibles have a great deal to say about our “hearts” as we use that word to describe part of our real self…our inner self.

Monday…I heard a preacher say that there were two articles to check if we wanted to check our devotion to God: our calendar and our checkbook. I believe he was on to something. What occupies your time? My time? Where is your money spent? My money? These are sobering thoughts and we are reminded of the words of the Lord: “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be…” Matthew 6:21.

Tuesday…I made a call many years ago on a young couple for whom I had performed a marriage. They had been married less than six months and were in serious trouble. As I drove up to their house, I noticed that it was new. As I entered the house, I saw a new dining room, a new living room and as they showed me around, a new bedroom suit. There was also a new car in the driveway. You get the picture. They were so deep in debt, they could not make the payments on their purchases and their marriage was suffering as a result. They forgot what the scripture says in Philippians 4:11-13.

Wednesday…Often when I ask someone what their goals are…or, what they are    working for…or, what they are looking forward to, they name some physical thing, i.e.,    a house, a car, a vacation, new furniture, etc. Almost no one says something like: “I’m looking  forward to reading through the Bible”, or, “I’m looking forward to an opening so I can witness to my neighbor”, or, “I’m looking forward to growing more Christ-like” or, “I’m looking forward to giving more to the Lord’s work.” I am guilty here, too because I too have been seduced many times by the lure of worldly things.  Read this verse: Colossians 3:2.

Thursday…We have so much in America! Some people would say we have too much and they may be correct. Have you ever watched a baby when they first taste ice cream? It’s hilarious! And, telling. From that moment on, they will not be quite as satisfied with pureed peas, carrots, etc. I am the same and so are you. We have ‘tasted’ the good life in America and we are grateful, but that good life may very well put us on a treadmill wherein we think we have to have more…and better…and have it right now. When Paul quotes Jesus as saying, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” it not only sounds anachronistic, it sounds positively ridiculous. But, of course, it is true.

Friday…I like the phrase, “change of heart.” We know what that means. Someone has learned to think in a different way. They have changed directions with their thoughts, their goals…maybe their very life. Here is a valid idea: pray to the Lord to give you a change of heart when it comes to the physical things of life. Pray that He will help you  see that our treasure needs to be in Heaven. Do you have time to read the most radical  sermon ever preached? See Matthew 5-7 and pay particular attention whenever Jesus refers to money/riches/things in this sermon. It will bless your gizzard real good!

by Dale Holzbauer