David Kaulb Missionary

David Kaulb Missionary

My eighth-grade teacher pointed to me rather suddenly during our English lesson

and said, “Quick!  Name two pronouns!”  I replied, “Who, me?” and she gave me an approving nod.  Do you recall when you first studied English and learned the differences between nouns, adjectives, pronouns, etc.?  You undoubtedly remember the  fact that verbs denote action.  In Matthew 28:18-20, which is popularly known as,  “The Great Commission,” Jesus gives His followers their marching orders.  Note the verbs: “Go”, “Teach”, “Baptize”, and “Teach.”  Action words indeed! It is incredible to note that with only a handful of followers (120) to begin with, Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire by the year A.D. 300 under Constantine the Great.  While the depth of Constantine’s faith can be debated, there is no doubt that Christianity had made incredible strides against incredible odds without firing a shot. How was this accomplished?  It happened because those early believes took the words of Jesus seriously.

Monday…For whom are you praying?  Do you have those on your list who need to be saved? Take a few moments today and read John 4 and note carefully how Jesus talks to the woman at the well.  Do you know folks like her…folks who are searching?  Folks who are living sinful lifestyles?  Note that she was looking for the Messiah in spite of her sin.  It has been my experience that people who are amenable to Christianity are literally everywhere. They need someone to tell them about Jesus.

Tuesday…Read the first several verses of John 8 as Jesus encounters a sinful woman and a bloodthirsty mob.  Note that as Jesus teaches them all, He is tender towards the sinner and hostile towards the legalistic, hypocritical mob.  A lot to learn here regarding attitude as we witness for the Lord!

Wednesday…The world’s population is about 7.5 billion.  I have no idea how that number is arrived at, but people who are smarter than I am say that is the number.  Christianity accounts for maybe 1 billion of the world’s population.  Clearly, we Christians have a lot of work to do.  Pray today for the unreached peoples of the world and pray for the men and women who take the Gospel to the four corners of the world.

Thursday…Years ago, churches used buses to bring children to church.  That is still done, of course, but on nowhere near the scale from several years ago.  A popular slogan on the side of the buses was: “The end of your search for a friendly church.”  Catchy, but the problem is that very few were searching.  That is our job. We Christians are to be searching.  Read Luke 15 and see how this plays out.

Friday…A component of evangelism which is not negotiable is the making of disciples.  Healthy Christians will produce other Christians.  At the end of Acts 15 and the   beginning of Acts 16, note how Paul “recruits” Timothy and then trains him for the work of an evangelist/missionary.  Are you training someone?  Start with your own children.  As they grow, find others who are willing to be used of the Lord and pour your life into their life.