Christmas Discovered: The Battle of two Kings

Brian Clark

Christmas Discovered: The Battle of two Kings

It would be hard to imagine a man more corrupt, violent and vulgar than Herod the Great. Yes, he remodeled the Temple for the Jews, but he did that for purely political reasons. Do yourself a favor and sit down for an hour or so and do a little research on the Herods. You will be amazed. Many years ago when I was in Graduate School, I did a paper on Herod the Great. Upon finishing the paper, I told my professor that I felt as if I had been wading in a sewer. Herod the Great killed his own wife, Mariamne. That is just the tip of the iceberg. This is the Herod who ordered the killing of all the baby boys in the vicinity of Bethlehem so as to assure that no king would usurp his throne. Let’s contrast the two kingdoms found in the birth narratives of Jesus, the Christ.

Monday…Take time to read the first three chapters of Luke and the first two chapters of Matthew. Remember: Luke was not an eyewitness to the ministry of Jesus. Matthew was an eyewitness. Notice the incredible contrast between the way the world announces a birth and the way the Holy Spirit directed these two men to announce the birth of the Messiah. Pay particular attention to the attitude of the people mentioned in these birth narratives. See the attitude of the shepherds, the angels, Mary, Joseph, etc. and note that Herod wanted to kill Jesus. This brings us to the idea of two kingdoms.

Tuesday…Read the newspaper or a news magazine. Listen to the news on the radio as you drive to work. Watch the news on TV or on your computer or phone. Here is an inescapable conclusion: the world is both good and evil. People fall into the same two camps…good or evil. When we trace the source of each of these concepts, we come to God and to Satan. Our world is divided as two kingdoms vie for supremacy. Never forget that this world’s systems divide cleanly along just two lines: good and evil. John 14:30…very scary.

Wednesday…We live in a world which denies the supernatural. And that is a very big mistake. Ecclesiastes 3:10,11 remind us that God has put “eternity in our hearts.” That means that we instinctively know that the supernatural world exists. To deny this is to deny reality. The two kingdoms, the kingdom of the Lord and the kingdom of darkness are in conflict. An end to the conflict is coming during which the Devil will be thrown into the pit. See Revelation 20 for an account of the end of Satan’s kingdom. How does this affect you and me? Here’s how: be very certain that you  are in the right ‘kingdom.’

Thursday…Does it ever occur to you that you are part of a real kingdom? A kingdom has a king, territory, subjects, purpose, goals, assets, rules, etc. Christ is our King and the church is His Kingdom. Eventually, those members of the body of Christ will inherit the earth as their eternal home. See Revelation 21,22. Don’t miss out on this incredible inheritance!

Friday…Does it look like to you that the Devil is winning the battle of the two kingdoms? Sure it does! We see natural disasters, crime, rampant immorality, neglect of everything that is holy, billions of people in false religions or no ‘religion’, child abuse, human trafficking, violence, poverty, etc., etc. Know this: these things have always plagued the human race as a result of sin. We have free will and many choose to exercise that freedom in terrible and rebellious ways. Hebrews 9:27 is still true, however. And, it is also still true that when Christ returns (see I Thessalonians 4), the kingdom of darkness will fall. Hallelujah!

by Dale Holzbauer