Christmas Discovered: Jesus As Our Savior

Brian Clark

Christmas Discovered: Jesus As Our Savior

Think of all of the names and titles ascribed to Jesus: Lord, Redeemer, The Good Shepherd, The Son of God, The Son of Man, The Lily of the Valley, The Bright, Morning Star, The Son of David, the Christ/Messiah, The Lamb of God, etc. This list does not take into account all of the Old Testament names and titles. Each of the names and titles ascribed to Jesus means something very precious to us who are believers. I think it is safe to say that we all are very, very grateful to Jesus that He is our Savior. Remember: He came to save! (John 3:16, 17)

Monday…In the New Testament, Jesus is called, “Lord” more than 600 times! He is called the Savior about 20 times. This does not denigrate the title, “Savior” at all. It does show the relationship between Lord and Savior. Many people will want Jesus to be a Savior when they meet him. Very few want him to be their Lord right now. Matthew 7:22 is a terrifying verse that points out this truth.

Tuesday…Did you know that Joshua, the Old Testament aide-de-camp to Moses,  has the exact same name as Jesus? “Joshua” is the Hebrew equivalent of the Greek, “Jesus”. They both mean the same thing: Savior. Do you recall how Joshua ‘saved’ the Israelites? You don’t? What are you waiting for…put the book of Joshua on your reading list today and see the striking parallels between Joshua and Jesus as each man ‘saved’ the people of God.

Wednesday…Do you know the story of Lenny Skutnik? Take a moment right now and look this guy up and see what he did in 1982. I well remember that event and how he was honored for his heroism. Think about this: Jesus has rescued/saved millions and millions because of his selfless heroism and determination to love us in spite of ourselves. Luke 9:51-56 is a poignant passage which reminds us that Jesus ‘set his face’ to go to Jerusalem…and die. Jesus is our Savior! He has rescued us!

Thursday…Beth and I got caught in rip current in Florida a few years ago. I really thought we were both going to drown. I yelled for help in the loudest voice I could muster and I repeated that word several times. A young man on the shore saw our condition and grabbed a life preserver and got it to us. I thanked him profusely as you can well imagine! Understand this thought: in order to rescue us, that man had to share in our danger. He had to come to us. That is precisely what Jesus did: He shared our danger even to the point of death. He experienced what we all experience…yet He was without sin. You have time to do this: read the book of Hebrews with a good commentary close by…or your Study Bible notes…and notice how many chapters, beginning in chapter 4, talk about Jesus being our High Priest. You have a priest who totally understands you and will ‘go to bat’ for you with the Father in Heaven!

Friday…There is a price to pay for sin. That price is death as Romans 6 reminds us. What would you give to God to pay for your sin? What does He not already own? The incredible, good news of the Gospel is this: Jesus has saved us by paying the price for us. That means something to each of us now. Just wait until we stand at the bar of judgment before God. It will mean a whole lot more to us then. Romans 8:28-30.