A Life Pleasing to God

Brian Clark

A Life Pleasing to God

Okay…okay…I know I have some years on me and when that happens, people tend   to look at me through one of two lenses: one lens “says” that since I have a few years on me, I may have something to say that could be important about life. The other lens “says” that I am an old fuddy-duddy whom life has passed by and I should not    be   listened to at all. At the risk of looking like an out-of-touch old curmudgeon, let me offer the following:

Monday…Please read I Thessalonians 4:1-12. Yes, all of it! Now notice how Paul starts this pericope (a pericope is a portion of Scripture; you’re welcome). The instruction which will follow is based on the authority of Jesus. Did you get that? The authority of Jesus. When you or I speak as Christians and reference something that Jesus said, we are on very solid ground. Let NO ONE look down on you when you say what Jesus said.

Tuesday…First principle given in this pericope (there’s that word again), avoid sexual immorality. Good advice! I have seen during my 53 year ministry hundreds (no exaggeration at all) of lives ruined because of sexual indiscretion. As I write this, the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos (think: Amazon) is being held up to public ridicule because of correspondence and pictures he sent to his girlfriend. While he was     married. Now, his wife has left and he is a laughingstock all over the world.  I wonder if he thinks it was worth it now?

Wednesday…Another principle…no one should wrong or take advantage of his brother. That includes sisters, of course. We Christians ought to be able to trust each other. Sadly, that is not always the case. As I write this, the Catholic church is once again convulsed over sexual scandals. So are the Southern Baptists. You can read all about these horrible circumstances since they are plastered all over the news, internet, etc. What have we learned so far, kids: do NOT commit any sexual indiscretions and treat other Christians with the utmost respect and honesty.

 Thursday…Paul continues: “lead a quiet life and mind your own business”…wow! I can think of a lot of folks who would be a whole lot better off if they would observe those two principles. Including me. You?

Friday…Last principle: work with your hands (make your own way in life as far as you are able to do so) so that you will win the respect of those outside of the faith and NOT BE DEPENDENT ON ANYBODY. Did you hear that, Socialists? Sorry, for a minute there my political side came out. Seriously, we Christians are to be industrious, producers, workers, etc., so that we are not a burden to anyone and so that    we will earn the respect of those outside of the faith. These are great principles to live by, agreed?