Love is Not Self-Seeking

Before one becomes a parent, one must learn to be a good partner and before

one can be a good partner, one must become a good person.  The formula, then, is obvious: be a good person first, then consider becoming a good partner.  When partnership is mastered, then consider becoming a parent.  I wonder how much trouble would be avoided in our world if that simple formula was followed?  Here is the root of the problem: we all have an ego.  that simple concept puts the Christian on guard.  The self demands attention.  We see this in children and in immature adults.  When we learn to love, we learn to stop being a “self-seeker” and instead seek the welfare of others.


Monday…When I was a child, I learned a simple formula for happiness and success.  Put Jesus first, others second and yourself last.  You remember that the first letter of each of these concepts spells, “JOY.”  I wish I could say that I have always lived this way.  I have not always lived this way, but I know that when I have lived this way, I found real joy!


Tuesday…”Love is not self seeking.”  What do you seek?  Our Bibles tell us that we are “to esteem others more highly than ourselves.”  In the eyes of the world this is a totally ridiculous concept.  We Christians know, however, that Jesus has taught us that “the first will be last and the last will be first.”  Make an effort today to seek the well-being of someone else in a tangible way.


Wednesday…Ayn Rand is a well-known philosopher and author.  One of her books is entitled, “The Virtue of Selfishness.”  It is a fascinating read to say the least.  She makes the case that it is natural and desirable to look out for oneself.  True, but one has to be careful that self is NOT the main focus of life.  The Gospel of Mark reminds us that it profits nothing to gain the whole world (for self) at the expense of the loss of the soul.


Thursday…Most folks have a horizontal view of life.  They see only this world and the things of this world.  Christians have a vertical view of life.  We look up and beyond this world to see real life and the correct view of reality.  Our Bibles tell us to “look up and see that our redemption draws near.”  Looking up will take the focus off of self.


Friday…Giving one’s life away does not seem like the way to keep one’s life, but that is precisely what Jesus tells us and we know that His testimony and teaching is true.  A famous missionary once remarked that it is not foolish to give away what cannot be kept in order to gain that which cannot be lost (Jim Elliott who was martyred for his faith).  How true!