Love Does Not Envy

In October of 2001, the Enron scandal was all over the news.  With some “creative auditing and reporting”, the company successfully withheld from

investors the fact that the company was in deep trouble.  Executives looted the company in a variety of ways including paying themselves exorbitant salaries and benefits.  The bankruptcy that followed robbed hundreds and hundreds of people of their hard-earned benefits and retirement funds.  One of the executives involved paid nearly $1 million for a birthday party for himself.  Such hubris and greed can hardly be imagined.  Against this disgusting mentality stands the simple statement: “Love does not envy.”  We are commanded to love both friend and foe alike.  This love involves a variety of behaviors.  Among those behaviors is the idea that the Christian is not jealous of others, does not desire what others possess and does not focus on personal gain.


Monday…Are you happy when others succeed?  This is a very tough question indeed!  Most adults have been “passed over” when it comes to a promotion, a raise, additional time off, etc.  Most adults have seen what may be rightfully theirs given to someone else.  A choice is then presented: a life of envy, regret and anger or the realization that this life is not all there is and life is about more than what we ARE or what we OWN.


Tuesday…How many people do you know who are focused on personal desires?  Their conversation, their goals, their ambitions, etc., all focus on what they want.  This type of life is envy at its worst.  It is never satisfied and always is seeking to compare.  Over against this is this Scripture:  I Timothy 6:6…”contentment with Godliness is great gain.”


Wednesday…How much is enough?  I am old enough to remember when a small TV was a luxury.  Ownership of a car was also considered a major plus and a large house was inconceivable to me as a young man.  Focusing on loving God and loving others and not being caught in the game of “one up-man-ship” is a major goal of the Christian.  See Matthew 6:33.


Thursday…Proverbs 14:30 states simply that “envy rots the bones.”  What a statement!  I wonder how many people suffer both physically, mentally and spiritually simply because they never have enough and are always worried over what some-one else has, is or does.


Friday…The Bible tells us that we enter the world with nothing and we leave the world with nothing.  I have conducted a lot of funerals.  I have never seen a U-Haul  in the graveyard.  Focus on character, not possessions and you will go a long way to killing envy in your personal life.