Love is Not Easily Angered

We say about some people that they have a “hair trigger.”  We mean by that euphemism that they are easily angered.  Anger is an extremely destructive emotion.  Not only does it hurt those who have to put up with it, it damages the one who yields to its influence.  I wonder how many people have absolutely ruined their lives by actions and words done in anger?  The jails are full of people who simply cannot control their temper.  It is little wonder that Paul, in I Corinthians 13, reminds us that real love does not give in to anger.



Monday…Our Bibles tell us that we are to “sin not; do not let the sun set on your anger.”  We all have anger issues to one degree or another.  Anger management is a burgeoning field of study and therapy.  By not letting the sun set while we are angry, we bring closure to this destructive emotion.


Tuesday…We know of “righteous anger/indignation”.  There are some things that ought to make us very angry.  Injustice, racism, cruelty, etc., ought to provoke strong feelings.  The difference between proper anger and improper anger is simple.  Improper anger is not born out of real love and concern for others; it is totally selfish and destructive.


Wednesday…God gets angry.  In fact, we learn from the Psalms that He is angry with the wicked every day.  God’s anger is under control, however.  He never acts capriciously.  He waits and He beckons all to do what is right and to come to repentance.  It is good for us to remember that God’s love and mercy have a termination point and that His anger is like a “consuming fire.”


Thursday…I would venture that everyone past the age of childhood has experienced someone else’s anger.  We all remember how hurt we were and how disappointed we were to see someone “lose it.”  It is good for us to remember that we Christians are to be gentle, loving, kind and under control since we also hurt and disappoint others when we lack control and give in to anger.


Friday…Make it your business, the Scripture says, to live a quiet and productive life.  People who are loud, abusive, abrasive, angry, up tight, etc. have no good influence on others.  We who are salt and light in the world need to be reminded that “the norm” is not what we are about at all.  It is “normal” for the worldly person to look out for number one and to let everyone else know about it when they are offended or slighted.  Anger flares to the surface immediately with such people.  May it never be so in the life of the Christian!


Here are some significant verses to remind us all that love and anger do not go together:

Ephesians 4:26-31; James 1:19,20; Proverbs 29:11, 19:11, 15:18, 22:24; Ecclesiastes 7:9; Colossians 3:8; Psalms 37:8,9