Love is Patient

I Corinthians 13 is rightfully called, “The Love Chapter”.  Of the 1189 chapters    in the English Bible, this one defines an elusive concept namely, love, in terms   that  all can understand.  The Greeks had four words for love.  The type of love de-fined in I Corinthians 13 is (in English) agape love.  The world has a very difficult time understanding this love.  This love is the kind of love God has for His creation.  This is the type of love that knows no boundaries nor limitations.  This is the type of love we Christians are commanded to have for each other and even for our enemies!  This kind of love is not for the faint of heart.  It goes way     beyond mere feelings and becomes a motive for living the Christian life.  Our   first point to focus on is the fact that this kind of love is patient.


Monday…Read Numbers 14:18 which reminds us of the great patience of God.   If you have ever wondered how God can endure what He sees every day, this verse will help.  We want to imitate God.  We want to be loving.  Part of this kind of love is to extend patience to others.


Tuesday…Nehemiah 9:16,17 is a tremendous passage wherein Nehemiah reminds the Israelites who have returned to Israel after a long enslavement to the Babylonians that God has forgiven them and is longing to restore them to their rightful place.  Nehemiah tells the people that God will be patient with them as they seek Him because He is ‘slow to anger’…a good prayer today will be, “God, thank you for being patient with me.  Thank you that you are slow to anger.”


Wednesday…I knew a woman who had prayed for her husband for over 30 years to be saved.  He had a stubborn heart, but she never gave up.  She claimed  2 Peter 3:9 which reminds us that the Lord is patient.  She prayed for God’s    patience for her husband.  I well remember the day he became a Christian! Her prayers were answered by a patient God who rewarded her patience.


Thursday…a middle-aged man lost his temper with his elderly father who lived with him because the older man had just dropped and broken a dish.  The son stalked out into the garage where his workshop was.  He was followed by his young son who was seven years old.  When the youngster asked what his dad was doing, the man angrily replied, “I’m making a wooden plate for Grandpa so he can’t break it.”  “Make it good, dad,” said the young boy, “and someday, I will give it to you.”  Love is patient.


Friday…how many times has someone had to wait on you?  How many times   has someone exhibited patience towards you?  Love demands patience!  When  we do not care about someone else, it is so easy to hurry and demand that they   hurry.  Read a relaxing Psalm today and slow down.