Love is Kind

I am aware of the fact that it is easy to beat up on our culture.  It is good to remember that we have so much that is good in our culture.  Art, literature, science, transportation, medicine, education, opportunity…we have it so much better than much of the world.  Our world can be a very enjoyable place indeed!

With all of the good, however, there is so much that is terrifying and wicked.  One of the huge problems in our world is cruelty.  From schoolyard bullying and cyber bullying to all out war, man’s inhumanity to man is stupefying and never ending.

As we consider the various attributes of love, the fact that real love (love as a motive, not merely as an emotion) is kind stands out as a much-needed commodity in the 21st century to combat the cruelty we see and/or hear about nearly every day.



Monday…Read the entire chapter…I Corinthians 13…and pay particular attention to the adjectives used to describe love.  Meditate on how different our world would be (and how different your life would be) if love was the guiding principle with all human interaction.

Tuesday…look up the Hebrew word, “hesed,” (KHE-sed) and get a working definition firmly fixed in your mind.  Read the tiny book of Ruth and notice how many times kindness is exhibited by the characters in this wonderful book.

Wednesday…can one be kind and still confront?  Think on this phrase found in your Bible:  “…speak the truth in love…”  Does the physician do a loving thing when she tells a patient that in order to enjoy health the patient must adhere to a diet and exercise regimen?  Is it exhibiting kindness when the Christian tells the neighbor that Jesus is the answer?  Love, with its attendant kindness, is not “wimpy”!

Thursday… a very large church in Cincinnati was built on what the church called, “RAOK.”  Random Acts of Kindness became their modus operandi.  Their members performed thousands upon thousands of random acts of kindness around Cincinnati.  The members were then encouraged to recount those random acts in their classes and small group settings.  The results were astounding!  Lives were changed as   perfect strangers experienced the love of God in unexpected ways.  Could you do that?

Friday…Jesus said that if one gave a “cup of cold water” in His name one’s reward would not be lost.  Jesus also said that what one did to the “least of these” would result in acceptance by God.  Kindness counts!  Love counts!