Love Always Trust

You have undoubtedly noticed that love is an action word.  Love is not merely an     abstract idea.  In I Corinthians 13 there are four “always” used to describe love and the second of these is the fact that love always trusts.  Some versions of the Scriptures say, “believes all things.”  Is it wise to believe ALL things?  What does this mean?  What did it mean to those who first read these remarkable words?  We remember that Paul is  writing to a church in trouble and reminding them of the greatest ‘gift’ of all: the gift of love.  One of the ways trouble was manifested in this church was seen in the ways they treated one another.  They fought one another.  They argued with one another.  They even took each other to court in front of the pagan population of Corinth.  Instructions on Christian love were sorely needed.


Monday…We know this passage is not teaching Christians to be naive.  We are not to be doormats or dupes.  Our Bibles teach us, for instance, to be careful who we listen to.  I John 4:1-4 comes to mind here.  In fact, we are to “test all things.”  We know that we are not commanded to absolutely trust everyone in every situation.


Tuesday…Healthy skepticism should be part of our Christian experience.  We remember that Jesus did not berate the Apostle Thomas because he expected more proof before he believed in the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The Bible commands us to be “moderate in all things” and that precludes blindly following and believing anyone and everyone. 


Wednesday…Johnny Carson’s first job on TV was hosting a show entitled, “Who Do You Trust?”  That is a good question!  The Greek word, pisteuo, is used 248 times in the New Testament.  It means “to believe, place faith in, or trust.”  Love will always trust.  Who do you trust?  We Christians trust Christ to save us.  We put trust in   fellow Christians.  Those people we love we will trust, we will believe and we will    believe IN those whom we love.


Thursday…We all know John 3:16 and we all know from the teaching in I John that not only does God love us, but we are to love each other.  Part of the love we are to have for each other is trust, to put faith in, to believe.  Fellow Christians should not have to prove themselves to us.  Our love will supersede our natural suspicion and cynicism.  There should be no question as to whether or not our brothers and sisters are to be loved.  Read that last sentence again as it contains a rationale for what Paul is saying.


Friday…Because we love, we will be very slow to believe bad news about a fellow believer.  Solomon reminds us to hear all sides before we decide.  Trusting love will always believe the best about God and it will believe the best about our fellow        Christians.