Love Always Perservers

I stand in amazement at the resilience of some people!  In the past 50 years, I have known literally thousands of Christians.  Some of them have suffered in unimaginable ways.  Some have had unfaithful spouses.  Some have been injured in horrific accidents.  Some have been taken advantage of by so-called “Christians.”  Some have endured terrible illnesses.  There are examples all around us of those who live out, “love always perseveres.”  What a wonderful character quality: perseverance!  How we admire the one who will not quit no matter the odds!


Monday…Perseverance motivated by love will keep marriages together.  I wonder how many millions of times the words, …”till death do us part” should have been replaced by, “until it is no longer convenient”?  God says that what He has joined should not be “broken” and yet too many times (there are some legitimate reasons to dissolve a marriage, of course) homes are destroyed over pitiful reasons.  Real love will persevere.


Tuesday…Christians are suffering around the world.  We need to be in serious, long-term prayer especially for all Christians who live in Muslim, Communist or Hindu controlled cultures.  I Peter 2:20 is a good verse to remember.  Those dear people who persevere under conditions which would break most of us have a great reward awaiting them.


Wednesday…The Apostles had a tough life.  Most of them were martyred.  I Corinthians 4:2 reminds us that those who have received from the Lord must prove faithful with what they have been given.  In spite of any circumstance, perseverance is a must for the soldier of God.


Thursday…John 13:1 tells us that our Savior “loved to the end”.  What a wonderful example for each follower of Christ!  Jesus was often disappointed and sorrowful, but He never stopped loving.


Friday…Hebrews 12:2 reminds us of the love that send Christ to the cross.  Love always perseveres!  God’s love, as demonstrated at the cross is an enduring love.  That kind of love is to be displayed between God’s children.  Corinth was a difficult church; a church that needed to be reminded to keep on loving…loving God as He loved us and loving others.