He Will Be Called, Everlasting Father

Sabellius was a very early church leader (c. A.D. 215).  He taught modalism and was  condemned for doing so. Modalism asserts that God’s real name is Jesus. They deny the Trinity and teach that God merely appears in different “modes” or forms but is not Triune in nature. They use Isaiah 9:6 as their proof text wherein Jesus Messiah is equated with the “everlasting father.”  Is this what Isaiah 9:6 teaches, namely that Jesus the Son and God the Father are the same Person?  Definitely not!  Then what does this mean?  Read on….

Monday…I had a wonderful father and I thank God for him very, very often.  My regret is that I did not recognize his true worth until later in life.  My dad provided for us, protected us and taught us.  I know that not all fathers are like this, but mine was.  Jesus is “fatherly” toward us.  See how He provides, protects and teaches.  See how He is consistent with the Father’s love.   The story found in John 8 concerning the woman taken in adultery is a good place to see how Jesus acts in a fatherly fashion.

Tuesday…It is also true that Jesus reveals God’s fatherly character to us.  Read John 10 and John 14 and notice especially verses 30,38 in John 10 and verses 6,10,19 in John 14.We can know the heart of God by knowing His Son.  In that powerful sense, Jesus is the Everlasting Father.

Wednesday…We shy away from our Calvinist friends who believe “once saved, always saved.”  There are obvious errors in that belief, but for those who are the saved, the redeemed, it is true that God will not abandon them.  He is an everlasting Father to those who are His.  We do not need to be afraid that our Father will abandon us.  His love and acceptance are, indeed, everlasting!  Romans 5:8 is a good reminder of God’s love.

Thursday…While it is true that we are not to confuse the Persons of the Trinity with one another nor see the Trinity as mere modalism, it is also true that Jesus is God.  To call Him “everlasting father” as Isaiah does is to remind all believers that the Messiah is God and shares certain attributes with the Father and with the Spirit.  Remember:  Colossians 1, Hebrews 1 and John 1 all remind us that Jesus is co-Creator of the world!

Friday…”Father” can be a great word!  We say that Abraham is the spiritual “Father” of the Jewish people.  George Washington is called the “Father” of our country. Isn’t it wonderful to know that we have a Heavenly Father?  It is also  wonderful to remember that Messiah comes to represent the whole human race to the Father.  The book of Hebrews illustrates this magnificent truth.  Jesus is “everlasting Father” in a representative sense.