Hand of God– The Secure Hand of God

Have you ever lived in a gated community? I have not, but I have friends who live in gated communities. Before one can enter, a stop at the guard shack is mandatory. The guard checks I.D. before permission is given to proceed. People live in those types of communities for an obvious reason: security. It is natural for people to want security. To feel insecure is to feel helpless and vulnerable. What a wonderful privilege it is to be a child of God and to know that whatever the circumstance, his hand on our lives gives us a wonderful security! 

Monday…Do you ever feel that things are out of control? When you see the turmoil around the world do you ever ask yourself, “Who’s in charge?” Rest assured that God is still on His throne and His plans are not being thwarted by the evil we see around us. John 16:33 comes to mind and is a wonderful assurance to the believer.

Tuesday…Have you paid attention to your hands lately? They are marvelous and reflect the Creator’s genius. We all learned about our opposable thumbs early in life, but hands are so much more than that. Hands can be used for good or for evil. We talk about “lending a hand”. We may read about someone who took a life “with his bare hands”. Hands can indeed be used for evil or for good. Know this: God’s hands are surrounding you and will guard and guide your life. Psalm 89:13-15 

Wednesday…Can anything be too hard for God? Before we find security in the hand of God, we need to remember that He is sovereign and nothing can withstand His will. Jeremiah 32:17 reminds us that nothing is too hard for the hand of God!

Thursday…Fear can be a motivator or a crippler. Fear must be conquered for a successful life. Some fears are irrational; some fears are clearly necessary for us to function properly. For the Christian who takes the Bible seriously, Isaiah 41:10 is a great reminder that the hand of God will drive out the insecurity that irrational fear inevitably brings. We can live with confidence that the strong hand of Jehovah is with us.

 Friday…Exodus 15:6 reminds us what will happen to the enemies of the cross…the enemies of God. I wish no harm to anyone, but I long for justice and vindication. We can rest in security knowing that God will accomplish His purposes and will deal with His enemies appropriately and perfectly. I take security from the hand of God in knowing that I do not have to take matters in my own hands; I trust His hands.