Hand of God: The Satisfying Hand of God

“That child needs to be disciplined!”  How often have you heard that?  How often have you heard this: “I need to be disciplined.”  How about this: “I am grateful for the discipline I have received in my life, both from God and from those who raised me.”  One more: “I will discipline myself…body, mind and spirit.”  What a loaded word “discipline” is!  Most people think that it is a needed commodity–for others.  We begin to gain   maturity and wisdom when we welcome discipline, especially the discipline that God provides.

Monday…Is discipline pleasant?  The author of Hebrews (Paul?) did not think so.  He said that at the time, discipline was not pleasant.  Afterwards, however, when discipline has allowed for necessary changes, it afforded a great reward.  Read Hebrews 12:11

Tuesday…It does take a rocket scientist to see the relationship between the words “discipline” and “disciple.”  They both have the same root which refers to learning.  When we are very young, we need a strong hand on us.  As we age, we can be self-disciplined.  This latter category of discipline has a strong God component.  We  hear the Apostle Paul saying that he “buffeted his body in order to keep it in subjection.”  Read I Corinthians 9:27 and realize that this kind of self imposed discipline honors God!

Wednesday…Good parents discipline their children.  Good parents understand that they are not their children’s “buddies.”  Security is built into children when they have strong parental role models. Proverbs 23:13-15 is good advice indeed!  “Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child…” and needs to be removed in order for the child to have a good life.  Likewise, God disciplines His children, too.

Thursday…Hebrews 12:6 and Proverbs 3:12 remind us that God disciplines those He loves.  Think on that statement; it will change your life.  See a stone tumbled over and over and over in order to make it smooth.  See yourself having the rough edges worn off as God allows us to be disciplined.

Friday…Discipline is not pleasant for the one who is doing the disciplining.  I well remember disciplining our children when they were very young.  They cried.  They did  not see it, but I cried too.  I wonder how many tears the Master shed while He was  with us over the fact that many refused His loving discipline?  I wonder how sad it  makes God when He looks upon His creation and sees the rebellion that is taking  place?  Let us never think that our Father somehow enjoys putting people through     His disciplining process!