Hand of God – Restoring Hand

I have had several friends through the years who restored cars.  One man named Tony restored a classic ’69 Camaro.  It was beyond incredible what he did to that car.  He had more than $100,000 in the car when he took it to the auction in Auburn, Indiana.  The car brought a little more than $200,000.  He had hundreds and hundreds of hours of labor in the car and was very pleased with the finished product.  I saw before and after pictures of the car and was absolutely amazed at the results he achieved.  People restore antiques, cars, houses, paintings, etc. God restores human beings!  It has been my experience to see hundreds of lives that were destroyed by sin restored by the love and power of God.

Monday…Manasseh was the absolute worst king of Judah.  II Kings 21 and II Chronicles 33 tell his story.  Among his sins were these: he killed the prophet Isaiah, he killed his own sons by offering them to the demon Molech, he killed those who followed God and he profaned the temple in Jerusalem.  He was captured by the Assyrians and in a dungeon, he repented—and God restored him!  I do not know of a more dramatic story of restoration.  Read it.

Tuesday…The book of Job is an extraordinary book!  Job’s suffering and Job’s  faith are spoken of literally all over the world.  Job is likely the oldest book in the Bible. What we must not forget is the fact that after Job lost everything, God restored everything…plus interest.  Read the last chapter of Job to be reminded of God’s hand of restoration.

Wednesday…The prophet Nathan, who may have authored much of I and II Kings, looked right at king David and told him, “Thou art the man!”  It is hard to believe that David, who had been blessed abundantly by God, would kill a man and take his wife, but that is precisely what David did.  David repented (a key element before God will restore) and God restored the relationship between Himself and David.  Read Psalms 51.

Thursday…I had a friend named Gene.  Gene struggled with alcoholism for nearly his whole life.  He was a Christian, but had a terrible weakness.  We were in a deep conversation one day when he said to me, “You are so lucky.  Your ticket to heaven is already punched.”  I reminded him of the many, many times when I needed      restoration and I also reminded him that, because of grace and restoration, his ticket was also “already punched.”

Friday…It is hard to read the story, found in Luke 15, of the Prodigal (wasteful) son without tears.  Read this story today and you will see God’s mighty hand of restoration demonstrated with absolute clarity.