Hallowed Be Thy Name

We do not use the word, ‘hallow’ very much.  We may think of Hallowe’en which is a corruption of the words, “All Hallows Eve.” 

All Hallows Eve was the night before All Saints Day which has been celebrated on November 1st by our Catholic friends for many years. One who is a ‘hallow’ is a saint.  Saints are said by be hallowed which may be a corruption of the word, ‘holy.’  At any rate, we understand what our Lord is saying when He taught His disciples to pray by beginning with the fact that the name of God is to be held in reverence.  How does it make you feel when your name is mocked or slandered?  How do you suppose it makes God feel when His name is mocked, slandered and used as a ‘throw-away’ word?  The name of God (really we should say the Names of God because there are many Names for God given in both Testaments) is to be reverenced.  It is never to be used in a flippant or profane manner.  Below are some suggestions you may find helpful for this coming week:


Monday…get online and research, “Names of God”.  You will discover some      extraordinarily interesting information!


Tuesday…teach your family (and yourself if necessary), that any form of God’s name is absolutely never to be used in a vulgar or common manner.  For us Christians we may need to be reminded that the expression, reduced to OMG, is more than inappropriate.  It is wrong.


Wednesday…read Exodus 20 and pay particular attention to what God has to say about His Name.


Thursday…begin to cultivate the habit of frequently calling on God in an appropriate manner.  Throughout the day, as you address Him, be reminded of the fact that His Name stands for His Person, His very nature.


Friday…pray for those you hear who routinely use the name of God in an inappropriate manner.  Ask God to show them the consequences of such a cavalier attitude towards a mighty God.  You may ask God to open a door for you to witness to those who use this kind of language.