God Will Provide

Memorize:  “So Abraham called that place The Lord Will Provide. And to this day it is said, “On the mountain of the Lord it will be provided.” Genesis 22:14

 Read:  Genesis 22:1-18


Monday- Read Gen. 22:1-2.  Do you find it interesting that when God called Abraham, his response was, “Here I Am.”  When you or I are called by our spouse or supervisor, we typically respond with, “What do you want.”  Reflect on the difference between how Abraham responded to God and our normal response.  What would need to change in your relationship with God for you to consistently respond as Abraham did?


Tuesday- Read Gen. 22:3-4.    Notice that Abraham did not debate the matter with God, nor did he delay carrying out what God had instructed him to do.  Do you find yourself delaying the obvious in hopes that God will come up with a different plan?  Perhaps you are convicted to volunteer for a ministry at church, but you delay responding in hopes that someone us will step up.  When Abraham knew that it was God that was directing him to sacrifice Isaac, he quickly went about carrying out God’s instructions.


Wednesday- Read Gen. 22:5-7 Abraham told the servants that he and Isaac were going to the mountain to worship and then “we will return”. Do you find it ironic that Abraham’s would say we and not I, knowing he was instructed by God to         sacrifice Isaac? Abraham faith and trust was in God. How would you have responded  to Isaac’s question, “where is the lamb?”  Do you sometimes find it difficult to explain your faith in God to your family and friends? Especially, when you have to make a difficult decision, but know that God is directing you in a certain way?


Thursday – Read Gen. 22: 8 -10 What we see in this section, is the love and trust that a son has for his father.  Scripture does not record Isaac questioning Abraham’s response to Isaac’s inquiry about a lamb. Nor do we see him struggling to get away while Abraham is tying him to the altar.  Isaac was satisfied with Abraham saying that God will provide; no doubt Abraham had passed his faith and trust in God down to his son, so much so that Isaac was willing to give up his own life if that is what God determined was necessary.  How well have you passed your faith on to your children and grandchildren? Have they witnessed you placing your faith and trust God during a difficult time?


Friday – Read Gen. 22:11-14 In the most intense circumstance, an angel of the Lord calls out to Abraham once again.  In spite of the fact that he is about to sacrifice the son God had promised Abraham once again responds… “Here I Am Lord.”       We might be tempted to respond in a less cordial way.  “I am about to kill my son, because you have asked me to, what more do you want from me!”  Abraham’s faith      and obedience was rewarded, Isaac was spared, and God provided the sacrifice. If only you and I could respond to all of life’s challenges as did Abraham.  “Here I Am Lord… I know you will provide”!  How would your life be different if that was your response?