When I was in the 6th grade, the English teacher looked right at me and said,“Name two pronouns.”  I replied, “Who, me?” and was able to pass the course!       Do you recall when you learned the difference between nouns, verbs, pronouns,   adverbs, participles, etc.?  We all learned that a verb is a word that denotes action.  What a great action word our Lord gave us when He told us to, “Go!”

Monday…Acts 1:8 has been called the geographical outline of the book of Acts.  This passage reminds us that the disciples were told to go and they were told where to go.  The whole book is a book of “going.”  As the Spirit led, the followers of Jesus went all around the Mediterranean Sea carrying the Gospel.  Similarly, we are to “go” with the Good News of Jesus.

Tuesday…Where to go has always been a question for serious Christians.  Are we all to go overseas?  Probably not, but each of us can go to a neighbor.  We can go to someone who is hurting.  We can reach out via e mail, text, call, visit, card, etc.  In all of these ways, we can be Christians who “go.”  Read Acts 1:8 again and note who will be with us as we go.

Wednesday…Why do some Christians not ‘go’ as they are told?  For some, apathy is the answer.  They simply do not care.  For others, it may be ignorance.  They do not know that they are to bear fruit or risk being pruned from the vine.  For still others, it may be a matter of fear.  They fear that they may not have all of the answers to the questions they will inevitably be asked.  For this latter group, may I say this?  Get in a serious Sunday class and/or a small group and get the answers!  They are available and you will sharpen your mind so that I Peter 3:15 becomes a reality in your life.

Thursday…Movement is good!  As I write this, the internet is crackling with the dangers Americans face because we sit too much.  Prolonged sitting causes a myriad of problems including depression, stress, aching joints, obesity, heart disease, etc.  It is deleterious to your health to sit.  Get up!  Move!  Likewise, Christians who are stationary in the spiritual life, will also be sick and lose their effectiveness.  Our Lord knew what He was talking about when He told us to, “Go!”  (Matthew 18:18-20)

Friday…It is likely that most people have contemplated (to one degree of              seriousness or another) becoming a hermit.  Common sense and responsibility       usually win out   and we realize that we need people—and people need us.  Jesus    never intended for any of His followers to pull off by themselves and not go to     where the needs are.   Let’s see a hurting world for what it is and GO to where       we are needed.  I Corinthians 16:13