Go: Next Gen


A line almost always guaranteed to get a laugh is, “These kids today….”  Why is it that every generation thinks that the next generation (or all generations which come after) are up to no good or just plain ‘no good’?  Of course not every one feels this way, but those who are past forty years of age or so, in candid moments, will usually tell a questioner that things were better and/or different in ‘their day.’  Anyone who believes that the moral climate today is better than one, two or three generations ago is either uninformed or mentally deficient. Having said that, who is responsible to teach the young people?  Why is it true that in some (certainly not all) areas things today ARE worse off than even a few years ago?  Could it be that older Christian people have let succeeding generations down?  What do mature Christians owe to the succeeding generations?  Do we owe them anything?  Fair Haven Christian Church is absolutely committed to passing on the faith and to do that we MUST disciple, teach, encourage and set an example for younger people.

Monday…I am no fan of Hillary Clinton.  Having said that, I agree with her statement from a few years ago (a remark which I have heard many others make) that, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  I am no believer in “the nanny state”, but I do understand that in a Kingdom context, ALL believers must help raise the young in the faith.  See Matthew 19:14.

Tuesday…The average life expectancy for an adult in the United States falls between 75-81 years.  Older adults who invest heavily in the lives of teens and children leave a wonderful legacy.  Invest in a young teen and you have extended your Godly influence for another 60 years!  Matthew 18:6 reminds us of the importance of having a good influence on the young.

Wednesday…It is easy to be intimidated by the young…especially by teens because they look like adults and because they have their own very different culture.  I have found that teens respond to kindness, listening, encouragement, and gentle leadership.  If you are past 50 or so, watch what happens when you approach the youngsters at church and tell them you are glad to see them and are proud of their stand for Christ.  Why would anyone NOT do this?  I Thessalonians 5:11

Thursday…Young children respond naturally to approval and playfulness.  Our children are precious!  The children in our church and in our neighborhoods are precious.  Determine now to plant good seeds in the lives of the children with whom you are in contact.  Matthew 18:10

Friday…The Dead Sea is preciously that, dead.  It contains no life.  It is dead largely        because it is stagnant.  Water flows in from the Jordan; nothing flows out.  Water level         is maintained through evaporation since the Dead Sea is located in one of the hottest places on the planet.  Some lives are like that.  Nothing flows out and stagnation sets in.  Make sure good things constantly flow out of your life…and include the next generation in those good things!