Go: Evangelism

When I was a freshman in college (not too long after the earth cooled), I heard our Evangelism professor say that the Gospel was always one generation from extinction.  That stuck with me.  The word, “evangelize” comes from a good Greek word which means, “one who brings good news.”  Think of that! We Christians are given the noble and rewarding responsibility of bringing good news to the world.  The good news, of course, is that Jesus saves!  Our responsibility is balanced with the privilege of helping those who walk in darkness and have no hope.  It has been my privilege to baptize over 1,200 people and I can tell you without hesitation that those dear people were happy to hear the good news!

Monday…What is the best news you have ever heard?  Have you read Acts 10 recently?  Please read that magnificent chapter today.  Put yourself in the shoes of those who heard the good news about Jesus in Cornelius’ household and rejoice today that the best news you ever heard was that Jesus paid the price for your sins–just as they heard nearly 2000 years ago.

Tuesday…We must not shun our responsibility and opportunity to tell others what   we have found in Jesus Christ.  It does not always have to be a formal presentation at all.  We can sometimes say with the blind man whom Jesus healed, “I was blind;     now I see” (John 9:62).  Your personal story/testimony is powerful.  Share it!

Wednesday…Who do you know who does not know Jesus as Lord?  Perhaps it is a spouse, a child, a grandchild, a neighbor, a friend.  Whoever it is, why not pray now for a divine encounter wherein you can share your faith?  Read Acts 17 and watch how the Apostle Paul takes full advantage of a chance encounter to share the Gospel.

Thursday…It is not enough to admire the missionaries, evangelists, church workers, etc., we are to imitate them.  The extraordinary stories in your Bible…and in modern day Christianity…are not there simply for our admiration.  They serve as prods to get us out of our comfort zone and into the fray.  Remember: we are in a war and we will win.  See Matthew 16, especially where Jesus says that His church will be victorious.  Read it now.

Friday…Who shared the Gospel with you?  With me, it was my dear parents.   Somebody shared the faith with you.  The church…the Kingdom…is not now big     enough because you got in.  Jesus wants his Kingdom to include everyone and that means we must pass on what we have received.  See Paul say in Romans 1:14 that he was a “debtor” to everyone.  He meant by this that he felt he owed everyone.  What   did he owe?  He owed them what he had received from the Lord, namely the free gift   of salvation.  “How shall they hear…?” unless we go?