Giving it up – Giving up This World

A young man was climbing a mountain. He injured himself and was clinging to the side of the mountain with his climbing ropes. A helicopter was send to rescue him.  He had to make a terrifying decision as the ‘copter hovered beside him: he had to let go of the mountain and release himself from his ropes in order to get to safety. You see his dilemma…he has to let go of the temporary security he has in order to reach true safety. How like us! We have to let go of the world in order to gain what is eternal.

Monday…What do Christians mean by, “the world?” Can Christians enjoy the world? Does James 4:4 mean that Christians cannot enjoy anything in the world? When the Bible uses the term, “the world”, let’s keep in mind that the Bible is seeing the corrupt world system, not the good things of the world.

Tuesday…There is so much good in the world!  Children, grandchildren, spouse, family, vacations, good food, beautiful scenery, etc. These good things are created by God and are to be enjoyed by His children. We Christians get it right, though when we say that we are not to be attached to the world. We are not to put ultimate trust in the physical, because those things are only temporary.  I John 2:17

Wednesday…I have a wonderful friend who invested a great deal of money in a condo in Naples, Florida. The market in Florida crashed and he lost a huge amount of money. Wisely, he kept the condo and now it is nearly back in value to what he paid for it. What a good example of the uncertainty of the things of the world! Make sure you have good, solid heavenly investments.  Matthew 6:20ff

Thursday…I have had several hundred funerals. I have yet to see a U-Haul in a graveyard. We enter the world with nothing and we leave with nothing. Meditating on this truth will keep one focused on what is important!  I Timothy 6:7

Friday…Most people have only a horizontal view of life. It takes wisdom to attain a vertical view. Most people see only the physical. It takes meditation, study and effort to see the invisible–the spiritual world. Holding on to the physical produces anger and frustration. Seeing the invisible yields peace and security.