Giving it Up – Giving up Control

Every now and than we hear about a “control freak.” This describes someone who cannot relinquish control. They have to be in control of every situation. To be around someone like this is extremely difficult. I am not a psychiatrist, but I suspect that people like this have serious problems with trust, pride and valuing other people. On the other hand when we feel “out of control”, we can easily get scared or feel strong insecurity. Most of us have learned to walk a middle path. When we get on an airplane, we relinquish control. When we see our doctor, we give up a modicum of control. When our children grow up and leave, we feel a loss of control. Certainly when we are ill, we feel a serious loss of control. There is nothing wrong with wanting to maintain control over our destinies, decisions, etc., but for the Christian there is the understanding that God is in complete control and His control is to permeate every facet of our lives.

Monday…There are things that we simply cannot control. I remember counseling a young bride-to-be several years ago. I saw some rather serious flaws in the young man she wanted to marry and I told her so. She assured me that once they were married, she could control him. Red flag time! We will have enough of a challenge controlling ourselves; trying to control others usually is a waste of time and only produces frustration. Allow God to control your life and allow Him to control others who will yield to Him. Pray for those who need God’s control in their lives.

Tuesday…Every age can be a time of great anxiety and fear. Let’s give God His due. He is still in control. Psalms 34:7 reminds us of a great truth. Sometimes giving up control can produce a great peace of mind.

Wednesday…Do we realize the extent of God’s control? Even things as mundane as the weather are subject to His great power. Mark 4:39,40 remind us of the great power of God. He is in absolute control of the affairs of this planet.

Thursday…Have you seen this statement on a placard: “Dear (insert your name here), I am in charge of the universe today. You can relax.” –God   We laugh, but this is a wonderful way to live!

Friday…When we give up control, we admit to a higher power. A higher power that we trust! This is difficult for the average person, but it is such a wonderful decision to make. Could I encourage you to admit that God will do a much better job than you will do with your life? Psalm 91