Fair Haven’s “One Fund”

Everything you give supports everything we do!

What is the “One Fund?”

In addition to giving toward a general operating fund, churches often invite their people to give to separate designated funds for new facilities, missions, debt reduction, and other new ministries and special projects. That is how Fair Haven operated in the past, but Fair Haven is united in one mission – transforming lives one at a time. We better reflect and support that one mission when we to unite our hearts, our ministry efforts, and our finances. As a result, all gifts to Fair Haven flow into “One Fund*” which supports everything mentioned above, including all of our ministry needs and outreach initiatives.

Every gift given to Fair Haven’s “One Fund” – whether a first-time gift, a recurring gift, or an expanded gift – is used to make all of our ministries possible. Every giver now participates fully in everything Fair Haven is doing. Our prayer is that this “One Fund” approach will lead to expanded growth, not only in the church’s ministry and mission, but in personal faith and generosity.

How do I participate?

Since the inception of the “One Fund,” our goal has been 100% participation by all those who attend Fair Haven regularly. We encourage everyone to prayerfully ask themselves these three simple questions regarding generosity:

Where are you on the journey of giving back to God?
Where does God want you to be on that journey?
What would it look like to move in faith to that place God desires for you?

We invite our people to frequently consider how God wants them to participate in supporting and investing in the ministry of Fair Haven Christian Church.

*In addition to the “One Fund,” Fair Haven continues to support a separate Benevolence Fund through the use of our blue “Change for a Dollar” envelopes. This money serves to assist in the financial needs of our church members and attenders, as well as our friends and neighbors throughout the community

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